Autoresponders Are a Publishers Best Friend

Written by Bill Platt

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When someone subscribes to your ezine, they will receive their "Welcome to My Ezine" notice. As they are readingrepparttar "Welcome" message, their enthusiasm is bubbling over. Waiting for that first issue will be tough unless there is an invitation to receive their first issue NOW.

In your "Welcome" message, you should let them know that if they would like to get started right away reading your ezine, then they should send a blank email to your autoresponder address forrepparttar 124423 "Best Of" issue.

New subscribers will gorge themselves on your "Best Of" issue, and they will remember your ezine whenrepparttar 124424 first new issue arrives in their mailbox. Ifrepparttar 124425 "Best Of" issue was precisely what they were looking for, you can rest assured that they will eagerly open each subsequent issue of your ezine, with delight in their hearts.

If you do not haverepparttar 124426 ability to set up autoresponders on your own domain, one company that offers a free autoresponder service is:

If you takerepparttar 124427 time now to implementrepparttar 124428 "Best Of" autoresponder,repparttar 124429 rewards will most certainly be long-lasting. Remember,repparttar 124430 best time to get a new subscriber to fall in love with your ezine is when their interest isrepparttar 124431 highest --- at repparttar 124432 very moment they subscribe to your ezine.

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Ask Mr. D - Ezine Circulation

Written by Bill Daugherty

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But, there are several other reasons why a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from an ezine that you can prevent by taking a good objective look at your publication. Check out these subscriber killers.

1. More ads than content.

2. Boring content.

3. Poorly written content.

4. Content not targeted to your subscriber base.

5. Poorly formatted - visually hard to read.

You need to check your ezine for these subscriber turnoffs and correct any that apply. Above all keep marketing your publication. That should turn your situation around.

Best wishes,

Mr. D

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