Autoresponders - Simple Tweaks to Boost Returns

Written by Hamish Hayward

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This is a very simple technique and if it seems obvious to you – congratulations, you clearly know your stuff. Nevertheless, you’d be amazed at how many marketers omit this easy memory jogger. Speaking from personal experience, I get about 20% of my signups this way, either after message 8 or 9. Some prospects were waiting for pay day, some were going to do it after they came back from holiday, some just plain forgot. Whatever reason they may have had for not signing up atrepparttar first or second call to action, this technique boost my return by 20%.

The second simple tweak takes advantage ofrepparttar 149242 ability of most modern autoresponders to send out a “broadcast” to those prospects on your mailing list. This can be considered as a supplementary message and you can use it to either update your prospects on your original offer or introduce them to a new, but related product or opportunity.

This needs to be used with a little more care. I send out an update at least once every 6 months and preferably once every 3 months (it depends uponrepparttar 149243 nature ofrepparttar 149244 individual list). I make sure these broadcasts only go to people who have been onrepparttar 149245 list for at least 3 months. My earlier emails will have already highlightedrepparttar 149246 fact that they would be provided with important updates in future.

There are plenty reasons for you to communicate. If you are promoting a product you can advise of any feature upgrades or special price promotions. If you are promoting an opportunity then you can update them on any new features which might make them think again. One technique which works very well with opportunity seekers is to update them once about any new benefits they should know of and then, if they still don’t sign up, follow up 3 months later with details of a slightly different opportunity.

Both of these techniques work and will produce a welcome boost to your signup rate. Certainly you can expect to get a few unsubscribes, but if they’re genuinely not interested that’s no great loss. There’s no point in makingrepparttar 149247 effort of building your list and then not communicating with them – both you and your prospects stand to gain from a little extra communication.

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How mothers can set up a Home Based Internet Business in 2 easy steps

Written by Miha Thornton

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Also start studying competitors auctions to gain a perspective onrepparttar state ofrepparttar 149241 market for your type of product.

This immediate and easy method of testing will enable you to decide whetherrepparttar 149242 product is worth pursuing and at what sales price.

If you fail to sellrepparttar 149243 item on ebay (or Yahoo) at a price you're happy with, due to lack of demand or too much competition, then seriously consider whether you'll be able to make sufficient sales through other mediums such as a website.

If you're happy withrepparttar 149244 results or see future possibilities then move on and get your own website. A domain name and hosting can be bought for under $15.

2 Strive for maximum automation and efficiency with your sales system.

If you're relatively new to computers, save yourself countless hours ofrepparttar 149245 proverbial learning curve and hire a local computer techie or geek to come to your house and show you exactlyrepparttar 149246 following things on your equipment.

a. How to take a good digital photograph of your product and upload it onto your hard drive. Then learn to upload it from your hard drive to your server. b. How to open an account with ebay, yahoo and paypal and how to list an item. Learn or hire someone who can write good compelling sales copy. Studyrepparttar 149247 copy of competitors auctions. c. How to create a basic, yet professionally adequate website and uploadrepparttar 149248 website to a server. Learn how to make changes onrepparttar 149249 website then upload these changes to your server. Make sure when building your website it is optimized with keywords to rank well with search engines.

These techie people are plentiful and charge around $25 per hour and up.

Bypass a long and endless learning curve. Pay for private tuition in getting your sales system in place, optimzed and automated quickly.

Once you have your sales system in place and finely tuned for maximum automation and profit you can continually funnel products intorepparttar 149250 system until you have a winner.

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