Autoresponders - Put Your Business On Autopilot

Written by Shelley Lowery

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* Free Unlimited updating - It is imperative to provide your customers with accurate, up to date information on your products and services.

* Automatic Notification - You must haverepparttar ability to track your ads performance. You should be instantly informed each time someone requests your information.

Advertising Tips:

* Include your autoresponder address in your signature file.

* When placing classified ads, instead of supplying your regular email address, use your autoresponder address.

* Appropriate News Groups

* Opt in email discussion lists

* Guestbooks

* Business Cards

* Letter Head * Your web site

Key Coding Your Ads:

Tracking your ads response rate will berepparttar 125191 key to your marketing success. Once you test your ads and determine which ad is pullingrepparttar 125192 most responses, you can easily test which classified ad sites are producing results as well. This will save you a lot of valuable time by only placing your ads at classified ad sites that produce results.

1. Make a list ofrepparttar 125193 classified ad sites you intend to post your ad.

2. Numberrepparttar 125194 list of ad sites.

3. You can key your ad usingrepparttar 125195 subject of your email. Many times, if you ask for a certain "subject" description, it may not be provided. To avoid this problem you can add a simple code to your email tag.

This code should contain your autoresponder address and will automatically fill inrepparttar 125196 subject with your ad key when clicked on. The "cl1" stands forrepparttar 125197 classified ad site number one. The second ad site you have listed should be coded as cl2 or classified ad site number two and so on. By coding your ads you will know exactly where your leads are coming from.

4. Begin submitting your ad and replace your normal email address with your key coded autoresponder address.

You can obtain free autoresponders with allrepparttar 125198 amenities I mentioned above from any ofrepparttar 125199 following sites:

Autoresponders can completely changerepparttar 125200 way you do business and enable you to put your business on autopilot.

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PRofiting from Publicity: Online Public Relations

Written by Philippa Gamse

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A great resource for finding appropriate places to send press releases is Mediafinder. This site can be searched under numerous different subject areas, geographic locations, etc. It provides Web site addresses, e-mail contacts and media kit details.

E-mail releases

Remember when sending an e-mail press release to follow some basic rules:

* not all e-mail readers can display formatted text, so stick with plain 10pt Courier, and keep your line lengths to 60-80 characters

* be sure to include your contact e-mail address and Web site URL in a prominent place, and make sure that you have a great signature file (the piece of text that appears atrepparttar end of every e-mail message). It should be brief, but contain your name, company, one line about what you offer, telephone, fax, e-mail and Web site address. Your e-mail program should help you to create this, unless you are using America Online (where you can cut and paste)

* use a "knock their socks off" subject / headline, such as "Internet Benefits For Business Discussed On Web Site Broadcast" - not just "Press release" to enticerepparttar 125190 editor to read your message; and

* don't "spam" reporters (i.e. blitz your e-mails indiscriminately). Send your release to targeted and appropriate places only.

Some real world rules also apply here. Don't bombardrepparttar 125191 editor with e-mails asking why your piece was not accepted. But if you do make it into "print", perhaps a real card to thankrepparttar 125192 editor is a better marketing ploy than e-mail (and I don't often say that!)

Caryn Amster picks up postcards on vacation and uses them for media thank you notes. Why a postcard? Because everyone inrepparttar 125193 newsroom sees it, wonders why someone is sending a card from Disney World torepparttar 125194 newsroom. One card gets a lot of mileage.

Press release Web pages

There are some major advantages to using press releases on your (or others') Web sites. You can include:

* hyperlinks to related stories, or further background information;

* sound and video clips to enhance your presentation; and

* buttons to access your release in different languages (great for international speakers!)

You can also easily track where your press releases are published and how many people read them. If they are included on your site, you can find this information from your own access logs. If you submit press releases for other publications, consider using different e-mail contact addresses for each. Often your Internet Service Provider will supply multiple e-mail boxes as part of their Web hosting service, which is a great way to quantify your responses.

There are several Web sites that allow you to submit free press releases under a number of different searchable categories. Two such sites are: PRWeb and Webwire.

Online Radio Shows

In addition to "print" publications, there is an increasing number of "online radio shows". In fact, Yahoo! has a whole category devoted to them.

The shows are generally broadcast in "Real Audio", or a similar program. This is software that is free to download and easy to install on your computer. The "streaming audio" is heard as it comes to your machine, so you don't have to wait forrepparttar 125195 whole clip to download before you can hear it.

Again, these shows are looking for content and guests. The Yahoo! listing often includes each one's subject matter or focus, so you can identify appropriate targets for your message.

So Do It!

Other than an investment of time, and some research savvy, all ofrepparttar 125196 opportunities outlined in this article are free. You don't need to have a Web site to pursue many of them (although I believe that it enhances your visibility and credibility if you do).

Public relations is an area that most of us can take better advantage of. So venture into Cyberspace, and "PRofit from Publicity!"

Copyright, Philippa Gamse, 2000

Philippa Gamse, CyberSpeaker, is an internationally recognized e-business strategist. Check out her free tipsheet "Beyond the Search Engines" for 17 ideas to promote your Website: Philippa can be reached at (831) 465-0317 or

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