Autoresponders - One Simple Trick That Will Improve Your Results

Written by Hamish Hayward

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First of all, whatever you do, don't userepparttar Thank You page that your autoresponder company so kindly provides for you. Why do you think they provide this? Certainly, it is a service to their customers. Normally it gives a polite (if generic) thank you and contains a few reassurances about spam along with brief details ofrepparttar 150076 opt-out procedure. However, when you look at it closely, it is a full page advert forrepparttar 150077 autoresponder provider isn't it? A full page advert which you have provided for them.

As an absolute minimum, if you can't be bothered to spend a few minutes to generate your own custom Thank you page, redirect your new signup to one ofrepparttar 150078 other pages on your website, or torepparttar 150079 home page of one of your other sites if you have more than one. However, it's much better to takerepparttar 150080 time and produce your own full page advert. Some ofrepparttar 150081 items you might want to consider including are listed below:

1. A polite thank you (mandatory). 2. A brief statement that you only send emails with permission, that they may unsubscribe at any time and that you will never pass their contact details to a third party (also mandatory). 3. A link to another website that you own or promote. 4. An advert for another opportunity that you are involved in. 5. A "Tell A Friend" form or link. 6. Adverts from Google Adsense or some other source.

Items 1 & 2 are only common courtesy. Items 3 - 6 could give your performance a real boost. Remember, this is a page that your viewer will automatically click away from. They are "ready-to-click" so at least give themrepparttar 150082 option of making a click that will benefit you rather than just clicking on their "favourites" or home page buttons. Not all of them will click - but some of them will and you need every advantage you can get!

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Business Web Site Content Strategy

Written by Joel Walsh

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* User-contributed content: A website that handles support issues may have a lot of use for a user forum. A professional services firm would probably be better off without a forum, with allrepparttar user-contributed content inrepparttar 150027 form of testimonials.

* Original written content, exclusive and for distribution: Any website can benefit from original content since it draws search engine traffic and puts your best foot forward with visitors. The broader your potential audience andrepparttar 150028 greaterrepparttar 150029 competition from other sites,repparttar 150030 more content you need.

Scheduling Content Updates

Search engines, especially Google, seem to give pride of place to sites that regularly update their content. Regular content updates also give visitors a reason to return.

In short, if you have thirty web pages worth of content this month, it's better to post one page each day rather than put them up all at once. To make sure you do this, schedule an hour each day for updating your site's content.

One way to get regular content updates for your site is to start a blog, a "web log" in which you write your thoughts and post news. The one disadvantage is that many web users are getting tired of blogs, which are often not well written and contain more opinion than information. Search engines, too, seem to be featuring blogs in their results less often.

Identifying a Content Provider

Ever wonder how Bill Gates keepsrepparttar 150031 MSN and Microsoft sites so content-rich? Doesn't he get RSI from writing a thousand or more pages a day?

You guessed it: Bill Gates does not writerepparttar 150032 content for any ofrepparttar 150033 Microsoft websites. Nor should you write all your own content. All successful website owners have someone else write a large part of their content. This person or company is often called a "web content provider" or "website copywriter."

You need to select a web content provider with proven experience writing content forrepparttar 150034 web, rather than just writing for print. Ask to see writing samples. You might even ask if you can commission just a single page to start with, for evaluation purposes. Also make sure that you are buying all rights torepparttar 150035 content.

After all,repparttar 150036 most important part of your website content strategy should be quality.

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