Automatic Responder - The Secret of Super Affiliates' Success

Written by Farid Aziz

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Of course it takes months or sometimes even years to build a huge number of opt-in list, but once you have one, your Affiliate earnings will increase rapidly!

So, if you already have a website, start building your own opt-in list! Write to them every week or once every 2 weeks. Send them valuable informations that could solve their problems. The main concern is to maintain a good relationship with them.

To help you build your opt-in list, I suggest you use one of these best services in sending follow-up messages:

Aweber GetResponse

There are several free automatic responder services around, but I wouldn't count on those freebies when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with my customers.

Remember, a good-maintained opt-in list will result in a huge Affiliate earnings in a long term...

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How To Make Niche Profits Without a Website

Written by Dermot Hogan

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Another great idea is to add a tell a friend form to your ebook. If people enjoy your ebook they will probably be happy to share it with a friend.

Even better give them an incentive like a free gift and you'll have an incredibly powerful viral technique.

4. Find website owners in your niche to give your ebook away.

This isrepparttar most important part of this system. It's how you'll get your viral ebook started.

Search for website owners in your niche and ask them to give your ebook away. Offer to changerepparttar 140609 ebook in any way they want except your affiliate links.

You could offer to: Changerepparttar 140610 author's name to theirs. Add their autoresponder form torepparttar 140611 ebook. Add links to any other websites or products they might have.

*Another way to get your ebook started is find a discussion forum related to your niche and start posting with your ebook advertised in your signature.

You may think that free ebooks have been done to death. Yes they have, inrepparttar 140612 internet marketing niche. There are literally thousands of niches where practically no one is using this technique.

Once your viral ebook gets picked up by a few websites you will have an automatic money machine on your hands.

Now imagine if you created 10 of them, or even 100.

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