Automatic Control of Chords

Written by Ron Worthy

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TACTILE CONTROL - As you are playingrepparttar chord, try to feel it muscularly. Play each note ofrepparttar 145291 chord, one note at a time, so that you userepparttar 145292 muscles ofrepparttar 145293 hand. You will develop a muscular memory for chords.

AURAL CONTROL - Listen torepparttar 145294 chord. You'll want to know its sound so you can instantly recognize and use it later on ... "by ear"!

Ron Worthy is a Music Educator Songwriter and Perfomer. His web site offers online piano instruction for all ages.

How Open Learning has had a Great Affect on my Life

Written by Elizabeth Hewet

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I have now gotrepparttar freedom of walking into any bookshop, and picking out a book and enjoying it. This may not sound like a big accomplishment, but it is. There really is no more fear that I am not 'good enough' to enjoy it. I understandrepparttar 145290 concepts of antagonists and protagonists, plots and red herrings. I can feelrepparttar 145291 feelings that these 'greats' have given us through their works, and I am no longer someone who has to settle for feeble novels that are thrown together by people that are just interested in 'selling' and getting their names on lists. The 'Greats' are calledrepparttar 145292 'Greats' for a reason. Now I know why, andrepparttar 145293 enjoyment I now get from them is preciselyrepparttar 145294 reason for which they were written. I am now confident to pick up anything and I know that I myself am able to understand and enjoy what is written for me to enjoy.

Written by Elizabeth Hewet, head of the Natural Passage Society of London. For more information on Oxford Distance Learning please see

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