Automate Your Repetitive Home Business Tasks

Written by Chris Brown

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Go to your inbox and find that ‘template email’ that you sent to your self. Scroll down torepparttar very bottom; click and hold your mouse button and drag it up torepparttar 116953 very top of your email. Let go of your mouse button when all ofrepparttar 116954 text has been highlighted.

Now, clickrepparttar 116955 edit menu atrepparttar 116956 top of your email program and choose ‘Copy’.

Next, make a new email to your customer; it’s getting so easy. Click where you would normally type your message and then go torepparttar 116957 edit menu again; click paste.

WOW! That’s all there is to it. Of coarse you need to changerepparttar 116958 contact info to your customer’s info. Make any necessary changes torepparttar 116959 text, give it a subject and click send! You can refine your ‘template email’ until you only have to changerepparttar 116960 customers name and contact info; creating efficient template emails will save your more and more time.

These same ideas can be applied to many other areas of communication (including anything that you print and mail). The next time you are communicating with a client and you realize that you are repeating your self, remember to automate! Small notes and templates will save you weeks inrepparttar 116961 long run; they work for me and they can work for you.

There, we eased some of your workload for today – and – forever!

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Being a Disciplined Home Business Boss

Written by Lawrence Roth

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For those of you who already have your home business, you are aware ofrepparttar many requests that family and friends will make such as fixing their sink, driving them to their airport or watching their kids while they go torepparttar 116952 grocery store. If you are not already assertive, learn to be and learn quickly. Fortunately, I have hadrepparttar 116953 assertiveness to say, “No.”

If you spend your time beingrepparttar 116954 “go-for” for your family and friends, your business will fail. You are not at home to be atrepparttar 116955 beck and call for your family and friends regardless of what they may think. Let them know that. I stubbornly refuse to assist family and friends with tasks duringrepparttar 116956 hours of 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.

Being a disciplined home business boss a giant leap towards creating and maintaining a successful home business. Remember that your home business is a real business. It is a real job. Most importantly, it is your livelihood.

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