Autograph Collecting: More Questions and Answers

Written by Lon Strickler

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Question: I see many pre-printed autographed photos on eBay. What are these and is there any value?

Answer: These are facsimile reproductions of actual signed photos. With today’s technology, sellers can easily copy an authentic item with great detail and sell at a drastically reduced price. Novice collectors or those on a limited budget are usuallyrepparttar target of these sellers. Unfortunately, many buyers are unaware thatrepparttar 144746 item is a copy because ofrepparttar 144747 vague description. We recommend that collectors avoid these pre-printed photos and be extremely careful when purchasing autographs online.

Question: What is a COA? Must I have a COA with an autograph I purchase?

Answer: COA is an abbreviation for “certificate of authenticity”. Many collectors require a COA before they purchase an autograph. Frankly, a COA is just a piece of paper that is only as good asrepparttar 144748 confidence ofrepparttar 144749 buyer andrepparttar 144750 reputation ofrepparttar 144751 seller. Always make sure you are purchasing from a person who knows how and whererepparttar 144752 signature was obtained and will guaranteerepparttar 144753 item to your satisfaction.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 144754 questions we receive from autograph collectors. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.

Lon has been an active dealer of sports/entertainment/historical collectibles for 20+ years. In addition, he has authored several nationally published articles on Baltimore sports & social history and currently writes a monthly autograph collector's newsletter at (The AutoGram). He is also the owner of Strickler's Celebrity Autographs

The Top Five Morgan Silver Dollars

Written by Daniel J. Goevert

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For each date and condition, compounded annual return rates were computed from 1950 to 2005. [Editorial note: compounded annual return rate isrepparttar accepted yardstick for comparing investment performance. Of course, coins do not grow at a guaranteed uniform rate, such as bonds do, but if a coin is purchased at a certain price, and that price is compared withrepparttar 144606 value ofrepparttar 144607 coin at some later date,repparttar 144608 compounded annual return rate can be calculated forrepparttar 144609 time period in between]. Return rate computations were made from 1980 to 2005, 1995 to 2005, and 2000 to 2005. For each Morgan dollar,repparttar 144610 data was placed in tabular format.

Next, I calculated a “composite” score for each date by averaging allrepparttar 144611 compounded return rates computed for that date. Continuing on withrepparttar 144612 example above,repparttar 144613 “composite” score forrepparttar 144614 1889-CC is 9.14. I then ranked allrepparttar 144615 “composite” scores. The Morgan silver dollars withrepparttar 144616 highest scores are as follows:

Date: Score: 1895 11.37 1892-CC 10.54 1894 10.43 1878-CC 10.28 1883-CC 10.25

So, it would appear, based on past performance over a period of 55 years,repparttar 144617 1895 isrepparttar 144618 Morgan silver dollar withrepparttar 144619 best hope of appreciating significantly inrepparttar 144620 years ahead, followed byrepparttar 144621 1892-CC, 1894, 1878-CC, and 1883-CC. Not surprisingly, dollars ofrepparttar 144622 Carson City Mint occupy 13 ofrepparttar 144623 top 16 positions, thanks to persistent collectors scrambling for bona fide artifacts ofrepparttar 144624 romantic American West. Onrepparttar 144625 opposite end ofrepparttar 144626 rankings, Morgan silver dollars havingrepparttar 144627 bleakest long term prospects includerepparttar 144628 1898, 1899-O, 1884, andrepparttar 144629 1888-O, followed byrepparttar 144630 1897 coming in dead last with a score of 2.66.

Anyone whose dual objective is to acquire Morgan silver dollars with a bullish future ought to begin looking atrepparttar 144631 “Top Five” above. Purchase coins inrepparttar 144632 best condition you can afford, but be surerepparttar 144633 coins are clean, problem-free, and CERTIFIED by a reputable grading service. Be prepared to hold for at least five years. Morgan dollars have skyrocketed in value inrepparttar 144634 last three years, so some cooling off may be in order beforerepparttar 144635 next upward cycle.

If a polling firm were to surveyrepparttar 144636 population of US coin collectors, it is very possible that Morgan silver dollars would winrepparttar 144637 vote asrepparttar 144638 most appealing coin in American coinage history. These beautiful coins have beenrepparttar 144639 heartbeat ofrepparttar 144640 hobby for many years, with no retreat in sight. Ironically, these same coins spentrepparttar 144641 better part of a century hidden away in government vaults, unseen, unwanted, and unloved. My, how times have changed!

Author Daniel J. Goevert is the webmaster of US Coin Values Advisor (, specializing in coin value trends and listing bullish US coins. Other offerings include detailed coin collecting advice as well as an illustrated history of the United States and the US Mint.

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