Auto Loan Borrower's Cheat Sheet

Written by Joel Walsh

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• Have bad credit? Try going to your credit union, bank or another institution where you have a relationship. Lenders like to help out established customers. If your bank still won’t help, online “bad credit auto loan” lenders usually offer better less expensive loans than dealers who advertise their great deals for people with poor credit.

• Use a vehicle loan calculator. It will tell you what your loan will cost each month. It saves yourepparttar time of looking at vehicles you can’t afford, makes you aware of what information you’ll need to apply for a loan, and is a “reality check” of your financial condition.

• Comparison shop, comparison shop, comparison shop. You don’t getrepparttar 151181 least expensive car by choosing a dealer at random, and you won’t getrepparttar 151182 least expensive auto loan that way, either.

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Buy houses at discount prices

Written by John Whiteside

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If you've been to auctions or looked at properties which have not sold in a while and are being no longer advertised, follow up on them. After so much hassle of advertisingrepparttar house and no sale,repparttar 151180 vender may be tempted to sell at a discount.

Buying strategies:

Instead of looking for properties to purchase, letrepparttar 151181 properties come to you. Get your own add in your local Newspaper saying something like," Serious property buyer, wants to buy houses from motivated sellers quickly". You'll be surprised atrepparttar 151182 number of calls you'll receive.

Don't reveal all your cards, as in try not to say why you wantrepparttar 151183 property or how quickly you want to buy. Never makerepparttar 151184 first offer, letrepparttar 151185 seller make it. Oncerepparttar 151186 seller states their price tag, say you want twicerepparttar 151187 discount you want off their price. So for example,repparttar 151188 seller says they will sell it for $100,000 and you want a 5% discount, (5% of 100,000 = 5,000. 5,000*2 =10,000) offer $90,000 and counter offer up from there.

Staple a check forrepparttar 151189 deposit payment to your next offer. Ifrepparttar 151190 seller countersignsrepparttar 151191 contract and banksrepparttar 151192 check they have acceptedrepparttar 151193 deal. The psychological impact of this tactic is amazing. This tactic showsrepparttar 151194 seller that you are deadly serious about purchasingrepparttar 151195 property quickly. It is also very tempting to just bankrepparttar 151196 check right now even though they will be sellingrepparttar 151197 property at a discount.

Don't put emotions intorepparttar 151198 picture. Even if you are purchasing a house that will be your home, just because you think a bathroom looks 'adorable' you must not be willing to pay any more than its worth! This especially applies at auctions whererepparttar 151199 atmosphere makes it very hard to not bid.

Can I looserepparttar 151200 equity that I have created:

Yes, but not likely. If you are savvy about it you can time your purchased property to gain even more equity from appreciation ofrepparttar 151201 housing market in addition to creating immediate equity.

Increase of real estate value by percentage in Australian Districts

To look atrepparttar 151202 graph:

As we can see fromrepparttar 151203 graph, housing prices eventually all go up due to increasing demand.

The only time you can loose money is if you sell. If you never sell you will never loose money. You may loose equity whenrepparttar 151204 market goes into recession, but eventually as population and demand for housing increasesrepparttar 151205 property you have purchased will appreciate. If you are looking to continuously gain equity you must purchase in high capital gain areas.

Whenrepparttar 151206 market is booming try to purchase properties for a 5%-10% discount.

Whenrepparttar 151207 market is flat try to purchase properties for a 10%-15% discount. Whenrepparttar 151208 market is in recession try to purchase properties for a 15%-30% discount. For information on real estate investing, investing, and how you can use and create equity in your home.

Property investor and equity user!

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