Auto Lemon ĖCan Your State's Lemon Law Help You?

Written by Charles Essmeier

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  • Make sure that you document everything relating to repairs ofrepparttar vehicle, including when and where it was repaired, who signedrepparttar 135527 work order and what work was done.
  • You should contactrepparttar 135528 manufacturer in writing, alerting them torepparttar 135529 nature ofrepparttar 135530 problem.
  • You should consult with your stateís Attorney Generalís office to learn how your stateís law affects you directly.

  • You may have to go through an arbitration process; this involves both you and a representative ofrepparttar 135531 manufacturer explaining your respective situations to a panel that will then provide a ruling. The arbitration ruling is usually binding onrepparttar 135532 manufacturer; they will have no recourse shouldrepparttar 135533 panel rule in your favor. Generally, if you donít agree withrepparttar 135534 panelís ruling, you still haverepparttar 135535 option of filing a lawsuit in court.

    You may wish to hire an attorney to represent you; there are plenty of lawyers who specialize in lemon law cases, and they can probably bringrepparttar 135536 case to a solution more quickly than if you handlerepparttar 135537 case yourself. Be sure to contact your stateís Attorney Generalís office regardingrepparttar 135538 specifics of your own stateís lemon law. You donít want to miss a deadline, or you could be stuck with your lemon for a long time.

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    Ford Moves Aggressively For Mainstream Navigation System

    Written by Jenny McLane

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    Popularizing car navigation system will better enhancerepparttar features of mass produced Ford vehicles and make it more affordable.

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