Auto-Disqualification - When Your Resume Never Reaches the Decision Maker

Written by Steven Bristow

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Many applicants are concerned that they have worked for only one company or in only one industry and that their skills are not transferable to other industries. This is when your marketing skills are truly tested. Marketing yourself is very similar to marketing a product. Find out what is going to make you attractive torepparttar employer as a potential employee and showcase those skills in your resume.

So, how can you avoid "Auto-Disqualifying"

Example: If you are applying for a management position but have never held a manager’s “title,” showcaserepparttar 141053 fact that you have managed others or supervised projects sorepparttar 141054 person reading your resume understands that you haverepparttar 141055 necessary skills even though you have not heldrepparttar 141056 title. If your resume is not reflecting your skills, then it is probably being disqualified before it reaches a true decision maker. This is commonly known inrepparttar 141057 employment industry as “auto-disqualifying.”

Education, or lack of, is a tougher hurdle to overcome. Many positions have an educational requirement that some people have not achieved. This again brings us to marketing yourself. Showcase, through your resume, that you haverepparttar 141058 skills and knowledge to succeed atrepparttar 141059 position they are trying to fill. There are very few “perfect applicants” for any particular position, as a result decision makers typically must choose whom they feel is right forrepparttar 141060 job based on skills, experience and you’re your ability to fit into their team.

Do you know if your resume is reaching decision makers? Market your skills through your resume to ensure your resume is actually reachingrepparttar 141061 true decision maker and increase your chances of landing that interview!

Steven Bristow is a senior consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. (, a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clients’ career transitioning needs.

A Book Review: Great Resource for Group Facilitation

Written by CMOE Development Team

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With 55 combined years of experience, in research and client work, we’ve observed group facilitation and behaviors in many situations and have learned a few things about what makes an effective team. We also put our own facilitation skills and process torepparttar test as we discussed, debated, and arguedrepparttar 141052 merits of various approaches and theories. Evenrepparttar 141053 writing and editing ofrepparttar 141054 book required that we “walk our own talk” as we resolved differences, defined priorities, and created a coherent message.

We believe thatrepparttar 141055 principles and suggestions in this book will help everyone who spends time in teams. Whether leading, participating as a team member, or both, you will find that this book provides a practical framework for facilitating effective teams.

“A solution isrepparttar 141056 result of many ideas coming together.”

To order the book “Leading Groups to Solutions” or learn more about group facilitation and other CMOE programs, visit their website or phone one of their Regional Managers at (801)569-3444.

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