Australian wine is more than Yellow Tail

Written by Darby Higgs

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Australia, like other new world wine producers, is less inhibited torepparttar strong ties of tradition that permeaterepparttar 116115 European wine industry. Sincerepparttar 116116 start ofrepparttar 116117 1990s a strong predisposition for experimentation has permeatedrepparttar 116118 wine industry. Australian wine consumers are now adopting this ethic. Wine lovers inrepparttar 116119 US and UK will soon be seeing a new wave of different Aussie wines to taste.

It is safe to say that Chardonnay and Shiraz will continue to dominate wine production in Australia for many years to come. But consumers will have a much wider choice is they are willing to be just a little adventurous.

Darby is the founder of an information service spreading the word about exciting new winegrape varieties being used to produce wine in Australia. He lives in Melbourne and regularly vists Australian wineries.

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