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Written by Ken Myrback CH

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If you’re sensitive to your aura or your overall energy,repparttar next time you’re going to be in a crowded situation pull your aura close to your skin and see how you feel atrepparttar 122350 end ofrepparttar 122351 evening. And then think back to how you feel now verses how you feltrepparttar 122352 last time you were in a crowded social situation. I am willing to bet you will feel worlds better then you did last time. It does take practice to keep your aura close to your skin. You will want to check it periodically though outrepparttar 122353 gathering. At this point you’re probably thinking, ok this all makes sense I'll try to pull my aura in. As Yoda says “there is no try, only do or do not". What you want to do is findrepparttar 122354 edge of your energy field of your lower arm, mine is about an inch from my body which is ok since I am alone atrepparttar 122355 moment, once you have foundrepparttar 122356 edge of your field that can be your reference point. Now imagine your energy field isrepparttar 122357 air around you and just breath it in, so you haverepparttar 122358 same amount of energy it's just in a smaller area, closer to your skin now. When you first start trying this technique it may seem like your having to struggle. If you’re struggling then your trying to hard, just relax, breath and if your intention is for your aura to come down to your skin it will. Once you realize that your aura and your intuition are not related you can begin to work on building your intuition. I spoke a little bit about intuition atrepparttar 122359 beginning of this article. The best way I can describe intuition is it's that little voice that tells gorepparttar 122360 other way to work, then you find out later there was a major crash on your normal route that would have made you late for work. Or that feeling you have that something is wrong with someone you pass inrepparttar 122361 street. All of those things and lots more are examples of your intuition trying to give you additional information aboutrepparttar 122362 world around you. Some people call itrepparttar 122363 sixth sense and I suppose you could call it that but I prefer intuition, it has a less new age ring to it. Most people, myself included start off noticing their intuition after something has happened. Once you realize its happening and will take note of it you can begin to use your intuition more productively. The biggest problem I have found with using my intuition is getting out of my own way to allow my intuition to guide me not only during healing sessions but in my everyday life.

Ken Myrback along with his wife Maria our Certified Hypnotherapist and energy healers they can be reached at Holistic South, Inc. 770-713-2804

Ken is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer living and working in Metro Atlanta.

Brother Tiger, Brother Bear

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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In 1999 "Vanity Fair" magazine ran a story about Siegfried and Roy entitled Married, with Tigers. The couple doesn’t acknowledge being homosexual but according to Linda Rapp inrepparttar "Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Culture", it is “widely perceived that they are.”

You’ve probably seen photographs of Roy holding up baby white tiger cubs. “The first voice they hear is mine,” he said in an interview in 2000 for his book Siegfried and Roy’s Gift forrepparttar 122349 Ages. “The first touch they feel is mine,repparttar 122350 first human face they see is mine.” Roy Horn is talking about babies and babies that are his. [Ibid.]

“Siegfried and I have spent every waking moment with our animals,” he continues. “We watch and observe. We talk to them, take walks with them. Day by day, we learn about each other. But you must have patience and respect for Mother Nature. Because when an animal gives you its trust, you feel like you have been givenrepparttar 122351 most beautiful gift inrepparttar 122352 world.” [Ibid.]

But this trust was not trustworthy. Saturn in Cancer posesrepparttar 122353 question, “Who am I safe with if not my own family?” The betrayal of trust inrepparttar 122354 bond between Roy Horn and Montecore may actually prove to be a greater wound for Roy thanrepparttar 122355 physical ones. Montecore came into his life when Saturn was on his Moon seven years earlier.

Immediately afterrepparttar 122356 attack, Horn reportedly said, “Don’t harmrepparttar 122357 cat.” Montecore was quarantined, checked for rabies and then released.

Siegfried Fischbacher saysrepparttar 122358 tiger was trying to save Roy after he fell on stage. Jonathan Kraft, who runs Keepers ofrepparttar 122359 Wild in Arizona, and many other big cat experts disagree. Kraft commented to Adam Goldman ofrepparttar 122360 Associated Press, "The cat wasn't trying to protect him. [It] was going forrepparttar 122361 jugular. That was a typical killing bite." He added, “I admirerepparttar 122362 guys, I just think they are sending a wrong message. The message needs to be: These are wild animals.” There are several conflicting stories as torepparttar 122363 events which led to Roy’s fall and Montecore’s aggression.

Siegfried once mentioned how amazed he was that Roy was allowed to participate inrepparttar 122364 birthing process of white tigers atrepparttar 122365 Secret Garden. “I think this is incredible when you consider an animal like this can kill their own mate over young ones,” he said. “And to think that [the tigress] accepts Roy to be a part ofrepparttar 122366 experience is a miracle.”

A miracle? Or an illusion? Siegfried and Roy bill themselves as magicians, masters of deception. The audience thoughtrepparttar 122367 mauling was part ofrepparttar 122368 act butrepparttar 122369 greater illusion may berepparttar 122370 costly and damaging one Roy had about his “family”.

One week later, controversial bear advocate Timothy Treadwell, who has been featured on Leonardo diCaprio’s website, was killed and eaten by a grizzly bear. As I often remind my students,repparttar 122371 stars don’t cause these things. They are related onrepparttar 122372 vertical plane as synchronistic events. Perhaps it is time to look once again at our beliefs aboutrepparttar 122373 creatures with whom we share this earth and our ways of relating to them.

Our hearts go out to Roy and Siegfried. For them this is a personal and family tragedy.

Roy’s Saturn Return will complete December 17 through 28, 2003 and May 14 through 22, 2004.

Nancy R. Fenn has been a professional astrologer in the San Diego area for over 25 years. She's the astrologer who wasn't born yesterday.

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