Audible Books: The Evolution of Story Telling

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Well, let me tell yourepparttar story was very engrossing indeed. All three of us were hanging on every word fromrepparttar 138594 multiple narrators (an interesting way to hear a story told) that meant that we couldn't even discuss our opinions on what we thought was happening (the story wasn't very straightforward) until we made it to food, gasoline, and rest stops. This meant none ofrepparttar 138595 arguments of old as well as friendly conversation when communication was possible. The coolest part of all was howrepparttar 138596 time ofrepparttar 138597 journey just seemed to flow by. Usuallyrepparttar 138598 eight hour (each way) trip could be quite tiring with one becoming impatient atrepparttar 138599 monotony ofrepparttar 138600 landscape; farms and pastures can become one huge blur after a while. This time however, story unfolding gradually mile after mile,repparttar 138601 climax ofrepparttar 138602 plot building slowly, we almost didn't wantrepparttar 138603 trip to end as it would meanrepparttar 138604 end ofrepparttar 138605 storytelling experience.

This could have great ramifications forrepparttar 138606 humans ofrepparttar 138607 future, don't you think? Imagine what it could mean for keeping children happy, calm, and evenrepparttar 138608 added educational opportunities. There are many places to find audible books butrepparttar 138609 most famous is There are thousands of texts there separated by genre as well as having 'book club' and 'award winning' lists. They cost money of course, but if you become a member you receive discounts that mean that most are no more expensive than paper books. A lot ofrepparttar 138610 classics are there as well as children's books and recently published texts. There are probably a hundred different genre categories and sub-categories altogether. If you've got a book of your own that you want to turn into an audible, check out

Maybe you've never been much of a reader but you've always enjoyed it when people have weaved magical tales that cause you to fly away to other realms and realities. For whatever reason, go check out audible books, they may just open another door of perception.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer likes to read and write and watch stories, now he can hear them too.

Video Poker - Best Strategy

Written by Tom McBroom

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+ Four cards to a royal flush

+ Three cards to a royal flush

+ Four cards to a straight flush

+ Three cards to a straight flush

+ Four cards to a flush

+ A four card outside straight (four consecutive cards)

+ Jack, Queen, and either King or Ten if allrepparttar same suit

+ Three high cards (Jacks or Higher) of different suits

+ Low Pair (tens and lower)

+ Two high cards ofrepparttar 138593 same suit

+ Two high cards of different suits

+ Single high card

+ If none ofrepparttar 138594 above, draw all five cards

Printrepparttar 138595 above chart and refer to it while you play (the machine doesn't care!) and you'll always makerepparttar 138596 best decisions.

Good luck!

Tom is the webmaster at, which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack players into serious recreational players.

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