Auctions and Car Transport : Everything You Need To Know

Written by Nick Telford II

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Finally, when you are ready to listrepparttar car as well asrepparttar 144876 transporter information, be sure to include a series of price quotes fromrepparttar 144877 transporter fromrepparttar 144878 car's location to major hubs on both coasts,repparttar 144879 mid-west and include both upper and lower sides ofrepparttar 144880 coasts, mid-Atlantic and so on.

This will allowrepparttar 144881 buyer to guess based on their proximity to one of those locations whatrepparttar 144882 cost will likely be. Always be sure to list thatrepparttar 144883 quotes are not exact and are not final untilrepparttar 144884 buyer's shipping information is received.

It may seem like more work than it's worth to go through all of this prior to listingrepparttar 144885 car that you want to sell, it will pay off atrepparttar 144886 auction's closing. Asrepparttar 144887 seller, you simply wait to confirm whererepparttar 144888 car is being transported to and confirm a final quote fromrepparttar 144889 transportation company.

Oncerepparttar 144890 seller receivesrepparttar 144891 payment fromrepparttar 144892 buyer they can getrepparttar 144893 car torepparttar 144894 transportation company of their choice and not have to worry ifrepparttar 144895 buyer chooses a transporter that will be a hassle for yourepparttar 144896 seller.

While most buyers and sellers work in fairly cooperative relations in order to receiverepparttar 144897 item sold andrepparttar 144898 payment forrepparttar 144899 item, sometimes havingrepparttar 144900 game plan set will save a lot of time. =========================================================== Discover vital information and advice about car and auto transport services. Find out what you must do, and what you must not do. Click

Nick Telford regularly buys new cars from across the country, and gets them transported home. Now he's written a series of articles giving his experiences, good & bad, of how to use car transport services.

Mechanic reveals ways to make your car last longer

Written by Pierre Schexneider M. Ed.

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Don't race or gun your engine when you start it up. Accelerate slowly and smoothly when your engine is cold,

Stop and accelerate gradually avoiding jackrabbit starts and stops. Avoid burning rubber it places excessive wear onrepparttar transmission and rear end, not to mention your tires.

An international tire company estimated that 33% of all tires onrepparttar 144770 road are under-inflated (low air). Under-inflated tires wear out quicker and have a tendency to blow out easier. Keep front-end aligned, for longer tire life and better gas mileage. Tires driven at 70 mph. wear out almost twice as fast as those driven 50 mph.

Avoid tailgating, tire squealing turns, flying over speed bumps, pot holes and revving your engine.

When possible, avoid driving your car during rush hour stop and go traffic periods.

If your car has "Cruise Control" use it. Using cruise control will save you 5% to 10% of a gallon of gas on long trips.

Avoid constantly pressing and releasingrepparttar 144771 accelerator when driving. This practice not only wastes fuel, but it puts excessive wear onrepparttar 144772 drive train of your car.

Don't ride your brake pedal, this wears out your brake linings pre-maturely, and wastes fuel.

Driving with your windows allrepparttar 144773 way down at higher speeds, will waste 10% more gallons of gasoline than driving with them closed. Research by a major car manufacturer has revealed that neglect of proper routine maintenance isrepparttar 144774 number one reason forrepparttar 144775 enormous increase in car repairs being required.

Tires purchased at department stores such as Sears, Montgomery Wards, K-Mart etc., can be an excellent value because many are made by leading tire manufacturers. When purchasing or changing tires, make sure you have them spin balanced. For a list of what manufacturer makes which tires for what department store, write to: Tire Information Centre, P.O. Box 677, Syosset, NY 11791

Avoid cleaning your windshield with a dry rag or towel. Always dampen with water or some other cleaning liquid. Dry towels grind and scratch your windshield hindering your visibility.

Avoid turning onrepparttar 144776 car air-conditioning while running at highway speeds as this tends to put an immediate heavy load on your compressor and clutch. This could cause excessive wear and tear on these components. Instead turn your air conditioner on at car speeds below 25 to 30 mph. This helps to preserve your expensive compressor.

Try to avoid running your car withrepparttar 144777 tank low on gas. Keeping a low tank of gas increasesrepparttar 144778 chance of dirt, water/moisture and rust forming in your fuel system. Keeping a full tank decreasesrepparttar 144779 chance of dirt and other foreign matter forming in your fuel system.

Regular oil changes arerepparttar 144780 most important thing you can do to protect your engine and make it last longer. Each time you have your engine oil checked; have your transmission fluid checked also.

If you have a manual transmission it is better to down shift to slow your car down instead of using your brakes. This will save wear and tear on your braking system.

A garaged car lasts longer. A car port is next best, and a car cover is a distant third. Protect your car's interior and make it last longer - park your car inrepparttar 144781 shade or place a windshield guard or cover inrepparttar 144782 windshield. If you spill something inside your car, clean it up immediately before it dries. Delaying even 30 minutes can sometimes leave a permanent stain or spot. To better protect your car seats have them treated with scotch guard.

NOTE: According to current auto insurance statistics,repparttar 144783 average U.S. car's useful life is 10 years or 100,000 miles. By following proper preventative maintenance you can often double your car's useful life, and spend less

Pierre Schexneider is president of The Schexneider Group, LLC an E-commerce consulting business. As a consultant his research abilities have afforded him many opportunities to expand his knowledge base. For gas saving tips please visit:

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