Attracting Extra Web Hosting Customers By Targeting Cities, i.e. New York Web Hosting

Written by Rodney Ringler

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reviewsrepparttar web hosting industry in a city, for example New York, and highlights several of its larger hosting companies. This, at first, might seem like a bad idea, butrepparttar 150306 page, over time, will be indexed by search engines and show up in searches related to web hosting in that city, New York Web Hosting, New York Web Hosts, etc. This new page will provide them information that they are looking for as well as provide you a potential customer that you otherwise would not have. The key is developing quality content. The internet is full of pages of no information or redundant information. But good unbiased reviews ofrepparttar 150307 web hosting industry in New York or any city such as Atlanta, Chicago, etc. is useful information that potential hosting clients can use.

Some will argue thatrepparttar 150308 reverse is true as well, that this new page is also a page that other potential customers can use to leave your website and signup with a competitor. This might occasionally be true, but forrepparttar 150309 most part it will attract more customers then it loses. This page does not have to be a page easily found by visitors to your homepage.

About the Author: Rodney Ringler is President of Advantage1 Web Services, Inc., which owns a network of Web Hosting Informational Websites including,,,, and Rodney has over 15 years industry experience from programming to internet marketing.

Web Content: How Much Should I Pay?

Written by Joel Walsh

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Keep in mind, that's onlyrepparttar additional revenue you get fromrepparttar 150305 improved content compared with what you were getting already from your work. No extra work needed.

Sales/leads model

If your website is a promotional vehicle for a business,repparttar 150306 results can be even more spectacular. If a page nets you $500/day in sales or leads, website content improvements that increase your sales or leads by 20% will pay for themselves within a month, if not a week.

In reality, if your current content is really weak,repparttar 150307 improvement is likely to be even more spectacular. Traditionally, overhauling bad sales writing doubles or even triplesrepparttar 150308 response rate.

The best part of all this isrepparttar 150309 advantage you'll gain overrepparttar 150310 competition, with so many website owners inrepparttar 150311 dark about their content. If you are earning 20% more thanrepparttar 150312 competition onrepparttar 150313 same advertising or promotion expense, you will ultimately carryrepparttar 150314 day.

Making a Content Investment

Now, back to price. What would you expect to invest to see a $6570 return?

Writer's Market,repparttar 150315 blue book of professional writer fees, says web content averages $300/page, which would mean a 2000+% return on investment.

But you can actually get away with paying only half that if you don't need research or meetings—the biggest time-sucks when it comes to creative projects. If you order content in bulk, you'll likely get an even steeper discount.

Why not see for yourself what kind of an improvement professional writing can make on your site's revenue? Every day you wait is another day of lost revenue—and why should you be content with that?

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Joel Walsh is the head content writer for UpMarket Content. Mention this article and get one trial page of website content at no charge:

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