Attitude is Everything

Written by Mike Moore

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Be gentle with yourself when you fall back intorepparttar old pattern of thinking. Believe thatrepparttar 124062 change you desire will come more frequently and it will. It might help to remember that human beings use between 2 and ten percent of their mind's potential so you have a huge reservoir of unused potential to help you over any periods of discouragement.

Don't forget to continue to use humour to keep your spirits up and putrepparttar 124063 entire process in perspective. HUMOUR MAKES GOOD THINGS HAPPEN.

This is an excerpt from Mike Moore's book EMBRACING THE MYSTERY

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Mike Moore is an international speaker / writer on human potential, motivation and humor.

Don’t Let Negative Programming Create Your Reality

Written by Anita Foley

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You’ve probably received a lot more negative programming than positive in your lifetime. You may have been told you weren’t very good at something, or you’d never make a living if you chose a certain career path, or you’d never get a good job if you didn’t go to college, or you’d poke your eye out if you ran with a stick. In addition, as if all that wasn’t enough, you managed to impose your own self-limiting beliefs as well. You may have taken onrepparttar belief that you’re too fat, too tall, too dumb, too skinny, too uneducated, or too lazy to pursue and accomplish your dreams. Beliefs are such an important factor of success that you must learn to get rid ofrepparttar 124061 negative, self-limiting ones and create positive, self-enabling beliefs. If programming creates your beliefs, and your beliefs guide your actions, and your actions create your reality, wouldn’t it make sense to get rid ofrepparttar 124062 negative programming? So, what have you been programmed to believe? If you are letting negative programming create your reality, you must learn to rewriterepparttar 124063 program!

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