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Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

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of ru-domains sponsored by RIPN afterrepparttar termination ofrepparttar 108276 Second Level Domain Name Registration Agreements. All ru-domains registered before January 01, 2005 will be supported by RIPN till expiration date. To maintain and renewrepparttar 108277 domain name registrations of existing ru-domains it is necessary to transfer domains sponsorship to another active registrar.

If you do not want to loose your ru-domain, you should transfer it before January 2005 to ICANN Registrar Secura.(

Hans-Peter Oswald

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Free Pre-Registration of sg-domains at Second Level

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

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3.3 Where there are two or more applicants forrepparttar same second-level domain name within each ofrepparttar 108275 Group, a bidding will be conducted to allocate these second-level domain names.

3.4 All individuals and entities are eligible to apply for second level ‘.sg’ domain name. Foreign-based registrants have to appoint a local administrative contact or register through their local office.Secura is providing automaticallyrepparttar 108276 local administrative contact.

4.1 The restrictions onrepparttar 108277 types of domain names to be registered arerepparttar 108278 same asrepparttar 108279 3rd level domain names specifically: (a) Names, which contain certain words such as “Temasek”, “Singapore”, “Singapura” and its variation, “Singapore Government” or “President” or any other words that can mislead people to think there is link torepparttar 108280 Government; Names, which contains “SGNIC”, “NIC” and its variations; Names, which are obscene, scandalous, indecent or contrary to law, or morality (e.g. “sex” or any connotations with sex or any sex-related activities); (b) Names, which are geographical names or names of countries (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc.); (c) Abbreviated names (either on their own or in combination with other characters) of existing generic top-level domain name (gTLDs) (i.e. .com, .org, .net, edu, .gov, .per, .aero, .coop, .biz, .info, .museum, .name and .pro) and any other gTLDs created or to be created by ICANN inrepparttar 108281 future; Names, such as “www”, “http”, “https” or “http-www”; Names, which are similar or identical to domain names registered under other domain name space and which SGNIC deems undesirable; and Names, which consist of all numerals.

5.1 ALLOCATION RESULTS SGNIC does not guarantee that all applicants will get a second-level domain name based on their current corresponding identical third level domain name registered with SGNIC even ifrepparttar 108282 applicants apply correctly and on time. This is either because another applicant with a higher priority may have also applied forrepparttar 108283 same secondlevel domain name orrepparttar 108284 second-level domain name applied for has been reserved by SGNIC not to be available torepparttar 108285 general public.

6. OBJECTION PERIOD 6.1 An objection period of [14 calendar days] is provided forrepparttar 108286 public to raise objections 6.2 A person raising an objection to an allocation result shall provide evidence thatrepparttar 108287 second-level domain name allocated by SGNIC duringrepparttar 108288 Sunrise Period did not comply withrepparttar 108289 Guidelines.

6.3 All disputes in relation to second-level domain names (except disputes arising from repparttar 108290 allocation results announced duringrepparttar 108291 Sunrise Period) will be dealt with in accordance withrepparttar 108292 Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, Rules and Supplemental Rules (“Dispute Resolution Policy”) referred to inrepparttar 108293 Registrant Agreement regardless of whenrepparttar 108294 second-level domain name was registered. All applicants shall not commence any court proceedings or administrative proceedings underrepparttar 108295 Dispute Resolution Policy duringrepparttar 108296 objection period or ifrepparttar 108297 person had filed an objection with SGNIC.

7. GENERAL LAUNCH Applications from public on first-come-first-served basis will commenced on 3 Jan 2005. The pre-registation at starts on 14 August 2004.

Hans-Peter Oswald

CEO ICANN Registrar Secura

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