Attacks On Traditional Values Are Not Selling At The Box Office

Written by Bill Knell

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One would have thought that this yearís lackluster ratings for The Academy Awards television broadcast would have sent a strong message to liberal filmmakers. Withrepparttar vast majority of nominations having gone to dreary films that extolrepparttar 146623 perceived benefits of a liberal utopia, millions of viewers tuned out. They just didnít watch. Now, it seems,repparttar 146624 same thing is happening atrepparttar 146625 box office. People arenít watching byrepparttar 146626 millions. Those who do canít stomachrepparttar 146627 morality lessons enough for a second viewing.

Apart from liberal themes, there arerepparttar 146628 liberal actors. Sean Penn recently traveled to Iran to observe and report onrepparttar 146629 elections there for a major American Newspaper. One wonders why? Perhaps he hoped to find another dictatorial utopia for America to leave alone? He and many of his liberal friends seemed to feel that Saddam Hussein had created some sort of socialist Muslim heaven on earth that America had no right to disturb.

Liberal actors, musicians and artists all joined together inrepparttar 146630 past couple of years for what they were sure would be a successful effort to preventrepparttar 146631 War with Iraq and keep President Bush from serving a second term. Most were devastated when these efforts failed miserably. Perhaps they felt that what they were doing was akin torepparttar 146632 Hollywood Canteen and War Bond drives of World War II fame? If thatísrepparttar 146633 case, they were wrong.

Bad mouthingrepparttar 146634 President and trashing our troops is notrepparttar 146635 way to winrepparttar 146636 hearts and minds of most Americans. Holding tyrannical dictators like Castro and Saddam up as socialist miracle workers is crazy. Creating entertainments that trash values held dear by any faction of Americans is wrong, counter productive and irritating. People donít go torepparttar 146637 movies to be irritated.

What will it all come to? King Kong gets a non-traditional marriage to Godzilla and adopts Mothra who savesrepparttar 146638 whales from Republican Fishermen? Liberals have every right to share their vision of what America should be. Itís no crime and never should be for them to express their frustration at prejudice faced by those living in non-traditional situations. Itís also just as fair for those who beg to differ with their views to avoid entertainment venues that extol liberal values.

A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects.

Rome Total War : Battle Strategy Guide

Written by Tony James

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Archers are very effective against light troops and mounted archers are a good way to harass enemy troops. Always keep archers them away fromrepparttar infantry and cavalry. Put them behind your infantry whenrepparttar 146590 enemy is close and protect them with your cavalrywhen necessary. If you haverepparttar 146591 opportunity to flankrepparttar 146592 enemy using archers,make sure you take off skirmish mode and attack, you will catchrepparttar 146593 enemy off guard. Whenrepparttar 146594 enemy is far away putrepparttar 146595 archers inrepparttar 146596 front to shoot arrows asrepparttar 146597 enemy approaches then bring them behind.

E. Fatigue

Your units will slowly or quickly get fatigued based on their actions. Use this to your advantage by forcing attacking armies to march to you and by running only when necessary.

F. Terrain

Userepparttar 146598 terrain to your advantage. When fighting near or in a forest, lurerepparttar 146599 enemy and launch surprise attacks. Place one or two units out inrepparttar 146600 open while you hiderepparttar 146601 rest of your army inrepparttar 146602 forests. However, remember that archers perform poorly near trees. Also, remember that generals are not hidden in forests. When you are fighting on a map with a slope, try to controlrepparttar 146603 higher ground and avoid an uphill battle. Units move very slowly when marching uphill and attack much less effectively;repparttar 146604 opposite is true downhill If you haverepparttar 146605 option to wait outrepparttar 146606 battle andrepparttar 146607 weather doesnít suit your army, wait untilrepparttar 146608 weather changes. Some units are better suited to certain weather condtions than others. Read unit descriptions to find out more details about each units ideal figting conditions. Some terrain such as mountains is impassible to your armies. Try to find an alternate route. Certain choke points such as bridges are important strategic locations. Defending a bridge is much easier than defending on an open plain. You can also hide your whole army onrepparttar 146609 campaign map in a wooded area to launch surprise attacks on an enemy army.

G. After they flee

Whenrepparttar 146610 enemy starts to flee, continuerepparttar 146611 battle rather than end it so you can use your cavalry and attack dogs to run overrepparttar 146612 fleeing enemies. You can gain more experience for your units this way. Using your general's cavalry to run over routing units is a quick way to gain experience and skills forrepparttar 146613 general.

H. Attacking with multiple armies

Whenever possible, try to attack with multiple armies by surroundingrepparttar 146614 terrain aroundrepparttar 146615 enemy with your forces. When one of your armies is adjacent,repparttar 146616 AI is in control ofrepparttar 146617 army and helps inrepparttar 146618 fight. Any type of reinforcement usually helps winrepparttar 146619 battle but be wary ofrepparttar 146620 AI poorly managing your valuable Generals and armies.

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