Atrocious Advertising Detected: Mission Critical!

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

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(Pssst. Did you noticerepparttar space forrepparttar 101060 "." afterrepparttar 101061 link. When using your web site or email addresses in sentences, always put a space betweenrepparttar 101062 punctuation. Example: . <-- Now your links will always be ready for clicks.)

Hype: Yep,repparttar 101063 last thing people want to see when looking through hundreds of ads per day is hype. You've seen repparttar 101064 ads, maybe you're even creating these monsters...

"Join TODAY, Make $5,000 By Next Monday!!! GUARANTEED!"

Forget it. No way, next please. You know, even if your program does work miracles, don't go screaming it aroundrepparttar 101065 web. I want to see credibility. I want to trust you. Let me know how you can help me. Instead try something like:

"Attention: Incredible Breakthrough Guarantees YOU Extra Weekly Income"

That'll get my click!

Your ad copy: The most critical part of any ad campaign. Let me just say this, spend at least 50% of your time on your ad copy.

If a genie landed in your lap and granted you one wish to benefit your marketing, what would you wish for? To overcome your fear of writing articles? To masterrepparttar 101066 art of building web pages? Or how aboutrepparttar 101067 ability to materialize million dollar ads, one after another, just likerepparttar 101068 great copywriting pros.

Think about it. If you could create order-pulling ads and roll them out into millions of dollars in profits likerepparttar 101069 pros do, would you have any marketing problems to speak of? I doubt it. You'd be one "rich" and happy camper.

Well, I'm going to wrap this one up, leaving you with these words...

You knowrepparttar 101070 old saying, "It'srepparttar 101071 small things that count." When you're marketing on this wild and crazy web, evenrepparttar 101072 smallest of things can have a mammoth impact on repparttar 101073 outcome. With hundreds of millions of people online at any given time (and growing at such an alarming rate) repparttar 101074 Internet will gobble you up, and spit you back out if you're not paying attention.

So keep your eyes open and never stop learning.

"Information IS power!"

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Making Your Ads Work!

Written by Kristy A. Taylor

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That leads me torepparttar two-step system. What you will need:

~ an autoresponder (free is fine, but doesn't look as professional when it's laden with 3rd party ads).


~ a direct response one to two page mini web site.

An autoresponder will allow you to use your two-liner very effectively. The prospect will know thatrepparttar 101059 information (this is where you can placerepparttar 101060 much longer ad copy that is usually supplied with affiliate programs, but please try to rewrite some of it in your own words) will be delivered to them instantly, and you will be able to capture their e-mail address in order to send follow-ups' ifrepparttar 101061 'fish' aren't biting. Remember, it has been said that a prospect will need to see an ad approximately seven times before they will buy.

A direct response mini site presentsrepparttar 101062 prospect withrepparttar 101063 ad copy, similar to your first autoresponder message, and immediately offers them a way to orderrepparttar 101064 product, as should your autoresponder message.

Both of these methods work quite well, and implementing them is really a very simple process. Be simple, be direct and above all else, be quick. The Internet has changedrepparttar 101065 meaning of customer service; people are no longer willing to stand in line or wait forrepparttar 101066 mailman. They want their product and they want it now! So you need to be - IMMEDIATE!

Kristy A. Taylor is the publishing Editor of Digital Dollars Ezine, dedicated to helping others earn their share of digital dollars. To subscribe to this free e-zine and receive free subscriber ads and products, send a blank e-mail to:

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