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Written by Regina Stevens

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The goal for ITJSA is to post IT job seekers qualifications inrepparttar quest to make employers aware of IT job seeker skill sets, which will hopefully sparkrepparttar 136197 effort to revise IT job descriptions in order to fill open IT positions.

"Employers don't realize that their IT job descriptions are hurting them as well as hurtingrepparttar 136198 IT people who are out there looking for jobs. No ONE person can be an expert in all IT careers", says Ms. Stevens.

The website is managed by people with technology skills, which is one ofrepparttar 136199 advantages over large job boards. Participants will be able to speak with a real person. Althoughrepparttar 136200 website is primarily for IT job seekers, employers can post their open IT jobs too. All postings onrepparttar 136201 website are IT-related.

Regina Stevens is CEO of Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta ( and Keep It Simple Websites ( She writes articles for new computer users and writes content involving Information Technology.

Learn How To Network for HIDDEN Jobs

Written by Nathan Newberger

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Tip #4 DONíT EXPECT LEADS OVERNIGHT If you are fresh torepparttar job market, donít expect to get a lead from everyone you talk to. It just doesnít work that way and not that easily. For some contacts, it's important to build and nurturerepparttar 136196 relationship before asking about job leads. Donít be too aggressive as that is usually a turnoff.

Tip #5 NETWORK FOR THE LONG RUN Think of this as a long term career strategy. The contacts you make will only get stronger andrepparttar 136197 people you meet make now will move into higher positions. Once you find a job, donít letrepparttar 136198 network collapse, it's important that you meet that old contact for lunch once a month or play raquetball with that old co-worker. This network that you form now will be extremely helpful for many, many years to come.

=========================================== QUICK NETWORKING HINTS =========================================== 1. Make an impression quickly when you first meet someone and try and get your story across beforerepparttar 136199 conversation ends. 2. Donít be aggressive and ask about job openingsrepparttar 136200 first time you meet someone. Be subtle in your approach. 3. Try to get a business card, phone number, setup a future lunch date, etc., Basically, some method of future contact or follow-up so that you can develop this further.

=========================================== SOURCES TO START YOUR NETWORK =========================================== 1. College alumni association 2. Churches, parties, weddings, almost any social gathering 3. Your family (uncles, cousins, distant family) 4. Former co-workers (as they migrate into other companies) 5. Your professors, career counselors, faculty and advisors 6. Your own friends and your friendsí parents or key contacts

So now you haverepparttar 136201 fundamentals, start networking! Make new contacts, find more job leads, and make some great friends along repparttar 136202 way.

Sincerely, Nathan Newberger Managing Editor "Helping You Find More Jobs Faster"

==================================================== Latest WorkTree Member Testimonial: ==================================================== "This job search portal isrepparttar 136203 best, i'm finding more jobs in in halfrepparttar 136204 time, I love your recruiter contact database andrepparttar 136205 ability to link directly to their sites to explore for more jobs." Kernen, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nathan Newberger is the job and career expert at Nathan has over 10 years experience in staffing and human resources. He has worked both as a recruiter and career counselor. Mr. Newberger has been the Managing Editor at for the past 5 years and his articles have helped thousands of job seekers.

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