At the Edge of Our Faith

Written by Carol Dee Meeks

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another chapter of recovery: a stroke, a colonoscopy scare, Edge page/2

now this.

Howrepparttar imagination can be like a run-away-train.

waiting, listening, and praying for good news-the friendly

kind of cancer, dropped us to our knees. Atrepparttar 126914 edge of our

faith, we learned to really lean on our Lord and Savior. We

accepted His grace, more than we deserved, and took His hand

He held out to us. We’ll overcome this obstacle as we’ve

overcome our other health issues.

I am a native New Mexican recently retired, but my writing days are young.

I have three honorable mentions at Bylines Magazine for two short stories and a poem. I also was awarded a SPECIAL HONORABLE MENTION for a poem from the same magazine. I feel like the honorable mention kid since I own one at Hodgepodge as well. <>Retirement allows me time to hone my craft of which I so love to do and spend time with my family.

A Little Bit of Something

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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As a result, they choose a life of few blessing and even fewer miracles. They choose to barely squeeze through Heaven's gate when they could walk a life of victory now. They choose to leave loved ones behind, to do everythingrepparttar hard way, to live a life of heartache and despair. They choose to be their own God.

The truth is, a little bit of something isn't worth much at all.

© by Joyce C. Lock This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

In addition to being a published author and poet, Joyce C. Lock created the religion column, "Christianity Made Simple" for Peru Daily Tribune, continues to write inspirational articles for area newspapers, and shares further in online and e-mail ministries.

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