Asylum Seekers: Now With Wings

Written by Holmes Charnley

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I know all this because I found a page onrepparttar Internet that allowed me learn this. The site is incredibly useful and you are even able to click on a link that allows you to hear their calls. Anglingrepparttar 118202 computer speakers byrepparttar 118203 open window, clicking on one ofrepparttar 118204 calls brings a whole new element torepparttar 118205 proceedings. To see a Blue Tit hear a Curlew call over is to see a very confused garden bird indeed.

Now then, we have a Robin that has been getting friendly and I decided to look uprepparttar 118206 details on this most common of British birds and really, was quite staggered byrepparttar 118207 description given.

Apparently,repparttar 118208 Robin is joined inrepparttar 118209 colder months by, and I quote, “immigrants fromrepparttar 118210 continent.” So far, so good, nothing wrong with that. But it wasrepparttar 118211 words that followed that had me wondering, for perhapsrepparttar 118212 first time in my life, about whether racism exists within ornithology.

These immigrants are “paler than ours, [and] have a duller red breast.” Now then, things are getting a bit personal, but not overly so.

What took my breath away wasrepparttar 118213 fact that I am unlikely to see one of these Europeans because you see, they’re not friendly; they “skulk in woodlands.” Skulk?? I’ve never known a bird to skulk, personally.

Lordy, at any juncture, I expected berries and berets to become a deliberate typo. I’m not sure ifrepparttar 118214 person who wrote this description is a Daily Mail reader, but a relaxing read about Britain’s national bird left me feeling uncomfortable, a little hot underrepparttar 118215 collar. They state inrepparttar 118216 final paragraph that “Robins are territorial allrepparttar 118217 year round.”

It would appear they’re notrepparttar 118218 only ones…

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The $600,000 Quarter - A True Story

Written by Rocky Ramsey

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He dropped a few quarters in, but wasn't winning very much. Then he dropped in two quarters and pulledrepparttar handle. Maybe it was his lucky day. The first wheel came up Jackpot. The next wheel came up Jackpot. The last wheel came up Jackpot. He got all three Jackpots! $600,000!!!!! That's what he would've won if he'd put three quarters inrepparttar 118201 slot machine. Because he only put two quarters inrepparttar 118202 slot machine, he didn't win anything. Nothing. Nada. Not only that, he lostrepparttar 118203 two quarters inrepparttar 118204 slot machine. I guess that's why they call it a one-armed bandit.

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