Associated Myths in MLM

Written by Joseph Then

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You arerepparttar first member ofrepparttar 143800 company’s family tree and you constructrepparttar 143801 organization downwards

People jump and grabrepparttar 143802 opportunity thinking that they are going to berepparttar 143803 director orrepparttar 143804 head of allrepparttar 143805 people they bring in to form a downline. They carry this attitude to work too and suffer allrepparttar 143806 more. Only withrepparttar 143807 passage of time do they realize that they are atrepparttar 143808 lowest level and there is no one actually superior or inferior to them. Ultimately they find out that there is actually no one inrepparttar 143809 organization. They begin and end atrepparttar 143810 same level. The factor orrepparttar 143811 attitude that works in MLM business is that everybody is atrepparttar 143812 same level. All of them should help each other and contribute their share of hard work to buildrepparttar 143813 company.

In building a home based online MLM business, initially your work would demand you to bring in few but efficient people and provide them allrepparttar 143814 motivation and aid so that they make sales. Oncerepparttar 143815 team is established and a helping attitude takes firm hold inrepparttar 143816 team, halfrepparttar 143817 battle is won. To further build your organization just put in your heart and soul to it, nurture it, and let it grow naturally. Then there’s no looking back. You would definitely make a mark.

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MLM Recruiting- The 5 Factors that Create Struggle in MLM Recruiting

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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Recruiting is a process based on Communication, and your Belief and Conviction of that Communication, and what is considered Normal in life.

Is easier to believe in Normal, than what is considered Abnormal.

Are you just Normal - or flat out Abnormal and refuse to believe and succumb torepparttar lies of failure and mediocrity?

3) It's easier to believe what you have been told a lot, than told a little.

You will never do it.

It's too hard.

Recruiting is bugging your friends.

You don't have what it takes.

Recruiting and MLM is waste of time.

When are you going to get a REAL job?

That is what we all hear... (smile)... but what we need to hear is:

You can do it. You have what it takes. Listen to those who have succeeded... not those who have succumbed.

Are you?

4) It's easier to believe in others... than you...

We when are recruiting, we believe that others are smarter than we are, more educated than we are, more savvy than we are, and they know more about ourselves than we do. And it impacts our recruiting tremendously.

We have many people who influence us, and we care about. But here isrepparttar 143740 million dollar question.

Can they take you to where you want to go in MLM?


Can they STOP you from going where you want to go in MLM?

Both answers are called a CLUE!

5) It's easier to LEAVE... than BELIEVE.

Most folks don't stay:

At what they do in life, and Network Marketing.


In recruiting, we take this Leaving belief with us, as we see most folks leave their success path in most of what they have attempted in life.

It's easier to create an EXCUSE, than to keep going and create a new BELIEF.

And we fall prey to that in MLM.

Are you recruiting prospects with an EXIT sign in your eyes? Deep down... are you expecting you will eventually leave this industry , because it is easier to Leave than believe? Do you honestly doubt it will work?

Understand - people FEEL first... then HEAR.

What are your prospects feeling from you? A solid Hard Core Belief in what you are doing? Or a solid Path of Easiest Belief that they are turned off by?

Believe that recruiting is EASY- and Recruiting will be. Believe that is it HARD- and it WILL be. Believing in recruiting may be a little hard for you now, but it is a whole lot easier than struggling through life -repparttar 143741 rest of your life... just to be Normal.

Is that what you REALLY want for you and your family?

Your Call...


Doug Firebaugh PassionFire Intl

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing trainers/speakers/authors in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent 13 years fulltime in MLM, and the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to the MLM Success HEAT Training Letter at: contact:

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