Assisted Living Facilities – What Are They?

Written by Alex Jensen

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Assisted Living communities are closely involved inrepparttar health needs of their residents. They often have a person designated to oversee this called a ‘Health Care Director’. They coordinaterepparttar 149390 monitoring of health related issues involving medication, diet, personal hygiene, socialization and mental acuity to assistrepparttar 149391 senior and their family as they interact with health care professionals. If a decline is noted in a specific area, family and health care professionals are consulted byrepparttar 149392 Health Care Director to resolve issues. Often, because of their experience, unexpected emergency health issues are avoided, as signs of a decline recognized and acted upon early.

Residents can live at ‘Assisted Living’ communities for many years, even as their health declines considerably. Many offer hospice care and end of life assistance. If you are considering senior care options, assisted living facilities are definitely an option worth looking into.

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The Facts About Lung Cancer - Better To Be Aware

Written by Jon Butt

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Cigarette smoke, with its high concentration of carcinogens, inhaled by both smokers and nonsmokers isrepparttar leading cause of lung cancer. Facts about environmental exposure to Radon compounded with smoking increasesrepparttar 149389 risk of lung cancer. Another principal cause of lung cancer is occupational exposure to carcinogens like asbestos, which has been documented in many Mesothelioma lung cancer cases.

Treatment of lung cancer is currently limited in its efficacy. Different types of carcinomas involve different regions ofrepparttar 149390 lung, giving rise to different symptoms, and requiring different lines of treatment.

Lung cancer treatment is also different in cases where cancer cells spread from other organs torepparttar 149391 lungs. Apart from surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy in cancer treatment, oncogene research results are positive in their efforts to find drugs that "turn off"repparttar 149392 abnormal genes, ending cancer growth.

Lung cancer statistics are in your hands - Do something about it.

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