Ask Right and You May Receive

Written by Rinatta Paries

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6. Makerepparttar impact known. How would a "yes" or a "no" impact you? Doesrepparttar 102001 person you are asking knowrepparttar 102002 impact of a "yes" or a "no?" Small things can and do have a profound impact. So get clear onrepparttar 102003 impact a "yes" or a "no" will have on you. Share this information withrepparttar 102004 person you are asking.

7. Honor his or her requests. You're notrepparttar 102005 only one who wants to get what you want. Others want to hear "yes" and have their needs met, too. If you consistently give others what they want, you will get what you want more often. The key is to give and do what someone requests...not what you *think* they want. A word of caution here - do not over give torepparttar 102006 point of being unappreciated.

8. Don't ever nag. Nagging is a way of makingrepparttar 102007 same request over and over in order to wearrepparttar 102008 person down and force what you want. Nagging might sometimes get you want inrepparttar 102009 short term. But it always backfires because it creates intense anger in bothrepparttar 102010 one being nagged andrepparttar 102011 one doingrepparttar 102012 nagging. If you need to repeat a request more than once, do so inrepparttar 102013 spirit ofrepparttar 102014 ideas above.

9. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. When you get what you want, make a big deal out of it. The giver just made you feel good, so returnrepparttar 102015 favor. The more you appreciate,repparttar 102016 morerepparttar 102017 other person will want to give to you and do for you. In fact, even if you do not feel appreciative, act appreciative. After a while, you will begin to feel appreciative.

10. Cure the, "I shouldn't have to ask you to do this" syndrome. Ok, how much do you resent asking someone to do something they should have known to do inrepparttar 102018 first place? Don't you get angry at having to ask at all? In such cases, remember he or she is not you, but a different person, with different standards and priories. What may be obvious or natural to you may be very hard or may not even occur to another person. You do have to ask to get what you want. Just do it right.

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Simplifying Your Existence ... In Search of the Good Life

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Perhaps, your problems at work are causing you to distance yourself from your wife. Then, this appears as a problem at home, which then affects you at work. Then, you let them all go for so long that it seems nearly impossible to resolve. The problems, however, can be resolved by definingrepparttar issues and determiningrepparttar 102000 underlying problem, or desire.

--- Resolvingrepparttar 102001 Unresolvable ---

Once you figure outrepparttar 102002 various issues in your life and find that there is one common theme, or thread, to all ofrepparttar 102003 issues, you now have to do two things: make a plan to resolverepparttar 102004 core problem, and make a plan for your life.

Understand that many times, common threaded problems occur because you have no place else to go in your life. With that, you amplify small problems, create new problems simply because you have nothing better to do, or get caught up in small problems that expand into other areas of your life. Without a direction and a path to travel, you have no choice but to stay and deal withrepparttar 102005 problem instead of resolving and moving on to other things.

Everyone needs a direction and everyone must have some type of destination ... you need a place to go and be. This sounds like I'm heading back torepparttar 102006 idea of running away torepparttar 102007 mountains. Actually, you are running torepparttar 102008 mountains, but not physically. You are creating a destination that you want to run toward --- satisfying a desire. As you head toward that vision, you are accomplishing goals, learning, becoming stronger, and resolving issues as you "move" through life.

--- Mission, Vision, and Goals ---

In previous e-books and articles, I mentionedrepparttar 102009 need to create an action plan based on your Vision, Mission, and Goals. I called it a "Business Plan for Life." Your action plan containsrepparttar 102010 researched and planned steps that you take to clarify your life, resolve your current issues to clear your path, and move toward a specific Vision that you see as "Your Life."

It is important to understand your Vision. But, you have to be clear when defining your Vision. Clarity comes from understanding your current situations and being able to clear these situations such that your life is more balanced. By clearing, I don't mean eliminating everything from your life. I mean eliminatingrepparttar 102011 kinks that certain situations cause inrepparttar 102012 fabric of your life. This means coming to terms with certain issues and getting rid of other things that are no longer of any use to you (e.g., past fears, current petty problems that seem insurmountable, etc.)

Once your Vision is set, you have to define your Mission. Your Mission definesrepparttar 102013 mechanism that you will use to reach your Vision. It is your overall idea,repparttar 102014 theme, of your action plan. When defining your Mission, picture your Vision as a bright light with a clear path right up torepparttar 102015 center. This path is your Mission.

With your Mission defined, you must definerepparttar 102016 Goals to be accomplished to successfully traverse your Mission. These Goals arerepparttar 102017 steps involved to incrementally approach and reach your Vision based onrepparttar 102018 mechanism defined in your Mission. Each step is a "baby step" or a "bite sized" piece ofrepparttar 102019 entire journey. By defining your Goals, you are able to take an overwhelming journey and break it into manageable and measurable pieces that slowly build to help you reach your ultimate Vision.

Finally, your action plan containsrepparttar 102020 actual pieces ofrepparttar 102021 puzzle that identifyrepparttar 102022 physical actions you must take for each Goal. This action plan is your prioritized map that defines what you will do every day to accomplish a Goal. This map allows you to measure your progress and better understand where you are in your journey. Additionally, by examiningrepparttar 102023 Goals as you go, you can make adjustments to your plan to make sure that your Mission is on track and your Vision is clear.

--- What's next? ---

Simplifying your life does not have to involve a complete elimination of your worldly existence. Nor does it have to berepparttar 102024 escape to some remote region ofrepparttar 102025 planet. When you feel that desire to "run torepparttar 102026 mountains" or get rid of everything in your life, that's a sign that you need to change something in your life and get moving. It is your inner self that is telling you to wake up and go.

Simplifying your life means that you want to make things easier in all aspects. It can be as simple as eliminating things that are complicated and replacing them with things that have meaning to your direction. I call it "Managing your Life" instead of simplifying because you are not minimizing your life to its bare essentials, but you are taking an already full life and removingrepparttar 102027 kinks to makerepparttar 102028 path smoother.

A simple life does not have to contain nothing. A simple life can be full and contain numerous tangents and paths, but it is void of issues that unnecessarily complicaterepparttar 102029 things that meanrepparttar 102030 most to you.

Edward B. Toupin is a writer and Life Coach living in the Entertainment Capital of the World. He works with individuals to help them realize their potential and establish the directions that will bring them the most fulfillment. Contact Edward at for more information on defining a plan for a more fulfilling life.

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