Ask Mr. D - On Tracking Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

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Start by tracking your ads. You can find free ad trackers by going to any ofrepparttar major search engines and conduct a search for "free ad trackers."

By tracking your advertisements, you can eliminaterepparttar 101066 ads andrepparttar 101067 ad venues that are weak. This will free up your time and money to concentrate on your more productive advertising efforts.

It will take a little time, but by trying new ads and new ad venues, you will begin to increase your traffic and your income will increase.

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Show Your Cards

Written by Dave Balch

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Who you are and how to get in touch. Duh! Rememberrepparttar fax number and, if you have one, toll-free number. In fact, if you do have a toll-free number, project class and good service by showing it as your only voice number. Whatever phone number you show, "bold" it so it stands out.

What you do. A job title is nice, but does it really convey what function you perform and what your responsibilities are?

What your company does. "ABC Flowers" tells a little about what you do, but you need to add something like "Specializing in birthday arrangements". "ABC & Associates" doesn't say ANYthing about what you do; is that a consulting firm? If so, what kind? Computer? Legal? Erosion control?

Products and services. Briefly list some of what you or your company offers. Brevity is key; just say enough to get them to ask for more information.

Internet information. Don't forget your web address and e-mail address, too. (WHAT? You don't have web or e-mail addresses? GET THEM, AND GET THEM NOW!)

That's a lot of stuff to get onto a 2" x 3 1/2" card, isn't it? Don't forgetrepparttar 101065 back ofrepparttar 101066 card, too! That's a lot of "real estate" which is often wasted, andrepparttar 101067 extra cost is minimal.

Your card does have a big job to do; it's cheap, front-line advertising. Makerepparttar 101068 most of it!

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