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Written by Bill Daugherty

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If you don't have Meta Tags in place, things can get ugly. The spider will move torepparttar text on your page, withrepparttar 128379 end result being a really messy site description and no keywords ... that's bad!

Meta tags should be placed betweenrepparttar 128380 head tags of your sites code. They should contain your site's title, description and keywords. If you are not knowledgeable about building meta tags, I suggest you consult someone who does. Even it cost you a few bucks,repparttar 128381 amount of traffic increase you will see will more than make up forrepparttar 128382 cost.

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Written by Craig Lock

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With allrepparttar comments and articles about search engines and so many people spending so much time and effort "trying to getrepparttar 128378 better of them", why don't more web marketers rather spend their valuable energies in activities, which they CAN CONTROL to some extent. Once you have posted torepparttar 128379 major search engines, monitor your positioning from time to time (say once a month) then LET BE. You'll never beat them, because their policies change allrepparttar 128380 time. Start concentrating on MARKETING and carving out a UNIQUE NICHE for yourself onrepparttar 128381 WWW with your particular products. Be UNIQUE and "brand" yourself as an expert in your field with your own individual "style and niche". We mainly do that by writing articles and submitting them to article announcement lists, like Article Announce, Free Content, Publish in Yours, Publisher Network and Article Publish. Articles with your website in your signature file bring traffic, which then lead to SALES...and best of all it's free advertising and helping others atrepparttar 128382 same time by sharing your knowledge and experiences in your field of expertise. It's been a long learning curve for us at Eagle Products (NZ) seeing what works and what doesn't in getting listed withrepparttar 128383 major search engines ...likerepparttar 128384 lessons of life itself.

Craig Lock has been successfully marketing products online for the past five years. Craig is a writer, who believes in sharing information, as well as encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, to strive for and accomplish their dreams in life - whatever they may be.

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