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Written by Bill Daugherty

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To increase your web site traffic without busting your advertising budget, try piggy backing your web advertising onto your current local store ads.

For example:

In your newspaper ads use a little space atrepparttar bottom of each ad for this:

Too Busy To Come By The Store? We Are As Close As Your Computer (Your URL)

Another traffic builder is to print up some flyers advertising your web site and staple them to each customer's receipt.

Those are two examples of piggy backing your web business onto your local ads and business practices. You can come up many more if you will take a little time and think about it.

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Don't Have a "Blue" Holiday Sales Season

Written by Gary Onks

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The playing field is basically empty when it comes to marketing to seniors. Sharp sellers will take advantage of this unique opportunity and gain massive market share by catching this Age Wave now. Asrepparttar old adage says, "strike whilerepparttar 109024 iron is hot." Believe me, this market is as "Red-Hot" as a market gets, so strike now.

Timing is Everything and as Zig Ziglar says, "Itís easy to get ahead when your competition has quit or quit competing." In this case your competition doesn't even seerepparttar 109025 prospects, so it's smooth sailing.

Seniorized Factoid: Don't be blue, sell to seniors. They really want to buy from you.

Gary Onks is the author of "How You Can Reach & Sell the $20 Trillion Senior Marketplace" which is described as: "The 'Art' of pleasing senior customers"~ Washington Times "A 'Breath of Fresh Air' in senior marketing" ~ CD Publications Sold On Seniors, Inc. Phone: (540) 785-4438 or 800-416-8785

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