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Written by Bill Daugherty

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You then reward them by payingrepparttar affiliate a commission on actions resulting from their link to your site. This commission may be a percentage ofrepparttar 102568 sale amount or a set dollar figure.

This is an excellent way to increase your traffic and revenues. Imagine having hundreds, or thousands, of web-sites and newsletters linking to your site. What could that do for your business?

If you would like to check out some affiliate programs or software, just go to any search engine and conduct a search for "affiliate program" - There are a ton of them out there.

Good luck with your affiliate program.

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"Take those Affiliate Links off your Home Page!"

Written by David McKenzie

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A way around this problem is to takerepparttar affiliate links torepparttar 102567 affiliate programs that you promote off your home page. Put them on your subsidiary pages instead.

This way a visitor has to click through a few pages on your site to get torepparttar 102568 affiliate link. And while they are doing that they are getting to know you a bit better.

They might find out that you offer a newsletter at your site or that you have some great articles that you or others have written. They like what they see.

And they are more likely to return again at a later date. You see they got to learn a bit more about you and your web site.

They still end up getting torepparttar 102569 affiliate link that they wanted. It just took them a bit more time. And it meant that you left some sort of positive impression on your visitor.

There are so many web sites out there and so many people that are promoting affiliate links. The one opportunity you have is to develop a relationship with your visitor. By moving your links to subsidiary pages you might have a better chance of doing this.

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