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Written by Bill Daugherty

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The most effective ads arerepparttar ones that can most effectively portrayrepparttar 101095 benefits of their service or product.

Before you write your next ad, sit down and make a list of allrepparttar 101096 benefits one would enjoy if they buy your service or product. When you writerepparttar 101097 ad, featurerepparttar 101098 most powerful one or two of these benefits.

This technique can produce some really great ads.

Let me know how you do with it.

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Lost Opportunity

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Unless you are sending primitive HTML documents, you must have a separate one for AOL, and another forrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 101094 world. And, you must check to make sure that they work. Many common HTML commands that work with most ISP's, simply don't work with AOL, and all they get is garbage.

I did an analysis ofrepparttar 101095 subscribers torepparttar 101096 Newsletters we publish. In one of my publications, 14 percent of them are AOL users. In another it is 10 percent, and in another it is 8 percent. These numbers represent a sizeable block ofrepparttar 101097 subscriber base. It would be a major mistake to send something out without testing first to make sure that everyone can read it.

The next error some make, is trying to hide their identity, so their ISP doesn't cancel their account. Well, it is pretty easy to superficially mask your identity, but someone who is determined can find out who your ISP is. The professional spammers own their servers, so they aren't as concerned. What are they going to do if they get a complaint - cancel themselves?

Forged Addresses are simply a waste. Do they really expect you to print a form and mail your order to them? If you are tempted to go with a professional group, make surerepparttar 101098 people receivingrepparttar 101099 email can immediately order online. Get a group that will accept allrepparttar 101100 orders and pass them along to you. This way, your email address does not appear inrepparttar 101101 ad, and you are immune from complaints to your ISP.

Can't get offrepparttar 101102 list is probably one ofrepparttar 101103 biggest complaints. Obviously ifrepparttar 101104 address is forged, your reply is going to be returned to you. Responsible emailers honor "remove" requests immediately.

If you do plan to use email as one of your advertising methods, either buildrepparttar 101105 list yourself, or find a responsible company to do it for you. The dividends will be worth it, and will not simply result in another "Lost Opportunity".

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