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Written by Bill Daugherty

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You have three options at that point.

Number one - You can keep on trying. Who knows, maybe eventually you will get it right. Stranger things have been known to happen.

Number two - You can hire a search engine specialist. They do exist and I have heard that some of them are very, very good. These high priest ofrepparttar search engine world can get you a nice high ranking and keep you there. I have also heard that their fees are very, very high. Of course, it may be worthrepparttar 128214 money.

Number three - You can turn torepparttar 128215 pay-per-click type of search engine.

The frustration of trying to get a decent ranking onrepparttar 128216 traditional engines has given rise to a new breed calledrepparttar 128217 pay-per-click. It only takes a few minutes to get listed on these guys. You open an account, make a deposit of from $10 to $25.00 ($50.00 is nowrepparttar 128218 required amount on and then you list your keywords.

Your ranking under each keyword is determined by how much you are willing to bid on each listing (bids can be as low as 1 cent on most of these sites, 5 cents on

The great part is you only pay for results. Plus, all ofrepparttar 128219 pay-per-clicks I have seen, have a members area where you can log in and check onrepparttar 128220 amount of traffic each keyword is delivering to your site. If any of your keywords are not producing, just change it to what you think will be a better choice.

As you can seerepparttar 128221 pay-per-clicks do cost a little money, but it is money spent on results, not on speculation. Here arerepparttar 128222 URLs of a few you should check out if you are thinking about exploring this avenue.

Regardless of what you decide to do about your quest for a high listing on search engines and to rid your life of those search engine blues, don't ignore them. They are too important to keep out of your marketing mix. If your decision is to keep on banging your head againstrepparttar 128223 "big boys," God love you, I admire tenacity. I just don't haverepparttar 128224 time for it. But, let me know how you do.

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Search Engine Ranking - 'getting it right from the start'

Written by Carl Hruza

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These are some ofrepparttar basics to consider when designing a web site.

Consider also, 'who will submit your site torepparttar 128213 search engines oncerepparttar 128214 design is complete?'. Some ofrepparttar 128215 design companies offering this service use 'bulk submission' software, which in many cases can be ineffective. We recommend thatrepparttar 128216 first time you submit your site torepparttar 128217 'leading' search engines you do it manually. Takerepparttar 128218 time to followrepparttar 128219 instructions carefully. On directory sites like Yahoo andrepparttar 128220 Open Directory, you should only submit your site one time, so get it right.

The last point is 'Hosting'. If you are serious about your web business, try to avoid free-host sites. Most of them use redirection scripts that some ofrepparttar 128221 search engines cannot follow. If you are considering a 'Mall' site, or any site that is 'template' based, find outrepparttar 128222 constraints that they impose onrepparttar 128223 information you can post torepparttar 128224 site. Many will allow only basic text, product and image loading torepparttar 128225 site, and may not allow you to load 'optimized' HTML pages.

Having a web site is all about 'exposure', and search engines providerepparttar 128226 most effective vehicle for delivering your site torepparttar 128227 masses. On average, businesses spend around $1500 on improving search engine rankings, usually following a period of being 'lost inrepparttar 128228 wilderness' ofrepparttar 128229 Internet. In many cases, careful design is all that is required, and it need only add around $200 torepparttar 128230 initial design cost ofrepparttar 128231 web site.

If your site is already online thenrepparttar 128232 above techniques can still be applied retrospectively, though making changes is more difficult than getting it rightrepparttar 128233 first time.

Carl Hruza - works as an Independent Consultant, and operates the web business TopWebPromotion. Email at

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