Ask Jeeves 'How Do I Get a Top Listing in your Directory'

Written by Merle

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After setting up your account, you are given a user name and a password so you can log in and add or delete listings at will and change your bid amounts. Youíll also be notified by email if someone overbids you and your listings are bumped,meaning youíve been kicked out ofrepparttar top three. If you want to keep your place youíll need to log in and up your bid accordingly. Youíll also be notified ifrepparttar 101232 money in your account is running low, so you can replenish as needed.

As more and more search engines and directories turn to a 'pay for listing' model, itís wise to take advantage of programs like Google and Ask Jeeves to makerepparttar 101233 most of your advertising dollar. At least youíll be paying for targeted exposure and a top listing (instead of just a listing).Youíll also sleep better knowing your ad is being seen by those searching for your keywords/phrases and who are definitely interested in what youíre selling... and that, my friend, is your marketing dollar well spent.

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"The Perfect Online Ad"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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But, placing an email contact for those interested to click for further info will provide you with something a web site might not; a future email contact address.

And, what isrepparttar "Perfect Follow-up" torepparttar 101231 "Perfect Online Ad"?

Respond with a short email message that is no more than 5 lines of text long and do include your web site URL in this email message for people to pay you a visit.

If they just had your web site URL, they could easily visit and you might very well never hear from them again.

But since you now have their email address, you can do a follow-up email message to them in about 4 or 5 days and keep yourself fresh on their minds.

Do not follow-up in just one day because many people will set aside their email to read for another day.

Give them time to be impressed with your first message.

The "Perfect Online Ad" will bring you more response and success than you can possibly imagine.

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