Ask For Such Strength

Written by A.Z. Alfred

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She least knew Jesus. She had only heard of Him from people saying He does miracles. When she heard He would be passing by, she must have knelt down and said this prayer “Please God strengthen my weakness to confront and tell Him to heal me.” she definitely stayed up all night, only to know whenrepparttar Healer would be passing by.

Whenrepparttar 139167 time came, she heardrepparttar 139168 crowd yelling, “Jesus is passing by.” She felt disappointed because her plan wouldn’t work. The crowd was too much for her to get close to Jesus, not a chance of talking to Him. She had to erase Plan A and immediately thought of a Plan B, which is, if I could grace His garment edge, I would be whole again.

In her frailty, she pressed throughrepparttar 139169 crowd. She got several hard blows, she got pushed down, she was trampled on, but deep inside she kept saying, I’m not giving up until I graze His garment. She was unconsciously instilling in herself strength,repparttar 139170 one different fromrepparttar 139171 usual strength. She instilled a divine strength in herself and it kept her going; ignoring every blockades, obstacles and severe pains until she grazedrepparttar 139172 master’s garment. She was whole again.

Immediately, Jesus knew someone had not just got a miracle. He had been doing Miracles all along. He did healrepparttar 139173 maniac (Mark 5:2-15), He healed Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:21-24) but He knew some divine strength had left him through his garment and he asked, “ Who touched me?” Literally, he was asking “ Who tapped from my divine strength?” The woman identified herself, finally was able to replay Plan A to him again. He simply said “your faith had made you whole” meaning your faith brought you strength divine.

When all these dawned on me as I read that storyrepparttar 139174 seventh time, I knelt down, asked for forgiveness. I had faith but no divine strength, so I asked for divine strength and my infirmities vanished, leaving me strong to face other challenges without a weary mind and body, until I got a good job.

I know you are passing throughrepparttar 139175 same stage, but in a different way and it makes you want to question God. Look at yourself and ask this question, “do I haverepparttar 139176 same kind of strength that woman possessed?” It is only this kind of strength that could help you overcome your obstacles. Your faith is yet to move mountain if it lacks divine strength. Ask for it today.

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A.Z. Alfred is a writer and a motivational speaker whose greatest pleasure is observing the world through a window while listening to inspirational songs.

Fearing the Light

Written by Debbie O'Meara

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It assumes that their expectations of you matter to what you do. Who’s in charge here? Who is determining what you do? Many of us have leftover roles to play from our growing-up years. We wererepparttar boss, orrepparttar 139069 perfect one, orrepparttar 139070 peacemaker, orrepparttar 139071 scapegoat, and we carry those roles into our adult lives. But why should we? Ifrepparttar 139072 role is serving you, so muchrepparttar 139073 better. If it’s not, it’s now your own choice whether or not to play it.

It assumes that your greatness is temporary. Here’srepparttar 139074 biggest one. You were never created to be mediocre. You were only ever meant to be great. The universe has just been waiting for you to discover that. So, if it was always yours, why would you lose it? The fact is, you can’t. You’re stuck with it. You’re stuck with your power. You’re stuck with your light.

So what are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? There might be a lot of things. But don’t let your own success be one of them.

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