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Written by Zahoor Ahmad

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now I can use my time for what it is worth. I just visit and get updated instead of trying to find news all overrepparttar place!


Vastu Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Written by Robin Mastro

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*A bowl of water with flowers floating in it (or a punch bowl) placed inrepparttar northeast area ofrepparttar 113231 room you use for entertainment will encourage a prosperous New Year.

* Place candles, lights, and red decorations inrepparttar 113232 southeast area, which is associated withrepparttar 113233 fire element, to stimulate a sense of well-being. Scented candles of pine, vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry are festive scents for harmonious holiday gatherings

* Hang bells and chimes inrepparttar 113234 northwest area, related torepparttar 113235 air element, to enhance joyous relationships.

*Keeprepparttar 113236 center space element area open and uncluttered to support stress-free communication and encouragerepparttar 113237 success of your holiday gatherings.

Resolutions for a prosperous New Year should start with clearingrepparttar 113238 clutter in your home!

Just as you clean your residence to welcome guests, you need to clear out all things fromrepparttar 113239 past that are unessential or unnecessary to your future happiness and success. Your New Year should begin with enhancingrepparttar 113240 opportunities for prosperity to enter your life.

Clutter creates stress, drags your energy down, and limits your ability to be productive and make lucrative financial decisions. We suggest beginning this Holiday Season by clearingrepparttar 113241 clutter and see how new opportunities appear in your life in 2005.

Michael and Robin Mastro's synergistic approach successfully assists people in living in peace and harmony with themselves and others, and in creating balanced lives filled with unlimited possibilities. Visit us at

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