Asbestos Lawyers Can Help You

Written by Ben Shar

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For those individuals who have been exposed to asbestos materials within their lifetimes, it is important to insure that your doctor knows about it and can monitor you for any symptoms.

Asbestos lawyers can help you get your medical bills paid, help you get your affairs in order, and help you punishrepparttar individuals who have allowed this to happen to you inrepparttar 147148 first place. Asbestos lawyers will listen to your individual case and help you determinerepparttar 147149 right course of action to take. They are willing to help you fix what has been taken from your life. You can find asbestos lawyers throughoutrepparttar 147150 internet and in your local neighborhoods.

It is important for all individuals who think that they have been exposed to asbestos to contact their doctors immediately. There is simply no time to wait. And, once your doctor confirms your condition, whether you have full blown Mesothelioma or not, contact an asbestos lawyer right away.

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INDIA - Govt notifies Draft Patent Rules

Written by P.M.George Kutty

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The draft rules have been published forrepparttar information of all persons concerned and likely to be affected thereby and to invite suggestions/comments which will be taken into consideration before finalization and notification.

The normal period for furnishing suggestions/comments being 30 days,repparttar 146842 last date for receipt will be 23 July 2005.

P.M.George Kutty, Registered Patent Attorney India of

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