As the Darkness Deepens by Michael Cale - Book Review

Written by Jason Sizemore

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Cale, whose 2001 novel, The Room of Shrunken Souls, was an Eppie Finalist, knows how to construct a solid story. Here he does a satisfactory job of blendingrepparttar good and evil in greedy entertainment executives, religious cults, andrepparttar 137835 Catholic Church. When all three of these groups collide inrepparttar 137836 dramatic finale,repparttar 137837 reader is given a powerful overview ofrepparttar 137838 morale fallacies harbored in day-to-day dogma. Effectively usingrepparttar 137839 dingy backdrop of south Los Angeles, he builds an array of vivid character that overflow fromrepparttar 137840 150 page novel.

Despite several annoying dialogue tics and a sometimes sloppy narrative style, Cales nailsrepparttar 137841 characters and setting. I would recommend Asrepparttar 137842 Darkness Deepens to readers as a study inrepparttar 137843 evil side of morality bringing destruction to good.

Published by LTDBooks ISBN: 1-55316-138-6 150 Pages $14.95 Hardback, $5.00 eBook

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The truth about selling e-books on the internet

Written by Albert Z

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  • it earns quite good money forrepparttar low amount of effort required
  • So, how do you go about selling ebooks?? There are mainly 3 ways: eBay, ClickBank, or your own website. The route I chose was eBay + personal website, because they are sinergic (they help each other): having a site makes it so much easier to upload your images, to have a professional look etc; plus you get webspace and you can just send out emails with a link for downloading your product (instead of attaching your product withrepparttar 137623 mail, which incurs in many problems with spam filters or filled email boxes!!). eBay onrepparttar 137624 other hand brings good free, relevant traffic on your site and gives you some extra exposure which may never hurt. It's common to offer a product for 1.50$ on ebay, but selling it for 1.30$ on your site. This is a legal and intelligent way to "redirect" eBay watchers to your own site without spending a dime!!

    Bear in mind however that eBay and PayPal (your everyday staple when selling ebooks) charge pretty high "default" fees that will quickly cut your revenues on low-cost ebooks (for instance, if you sell a 1.50$ ebook on ebay with paypal, you might only get 0.50 revenue, which sucks big time!!) so you're better off selling products with a higher cost, inrepparttar 137625 range of 5-10$ (so even if you lose that 1$ in fees, you'll still keep a good % of your money)!

    What arerepparttar 137626 tools you will need for your activity?? The ones I feel a MUST are:

    • an autoresponder (if you keep your pc on 24/7 you just really need Outlook Express with an autoreply filter set up, if you wish to turn off you pc then you need a cgi quality autoresponder: you find out more about both of them here), this is ESSENTIAL forrepparttar 137627 automation of your activity
    • a domain and a host, I use godaddy for it's cheapness (3.96$ a month with 500mb space and 20gb bandwidth, enough for a small business)
    • an html editor (there are many free ones, just check on google!)
    • a free image editor (forrepparttar 137628 design of your site), i recommendrepparttar 137629 GIMP, an open source (free) software that rivals photoshop!
    • a shopping cart system (i use osCommerce, but i've heard good rumors about zencart too!)

    If you'd like to find out some software or information about internet businesses, drop by my site , I'll be glad to help!! Also if you're interested in exchanging opinions or partnering, I am always very friendly ;)

    I hope this article was useful for you, have a nice day!!

    Albert Z has been successfully selling e-books on both eBay and since 2004, he has experience in web designing, marketing, promoting and copywriting.

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