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Written by Dušan Drobac

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That is also a good place to add your affiliate links or links to your own products. Adding your content this way you will personalize pre-written article butrepparttar article will be left unchanged. The best practice is to add 10% more content to intro and also 10% more content to summary of article. This way you will have unique article without changing a one little bit of original pre-written article picked from article directory. After that you just need some inbound links and some time for search engines to find and index your pages article pages and everything else is on auto pilot.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Why and How to do it.

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

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Identify Your Key Phrases. Withrepparttar end goals in mind,repparttar 147531 next step is to compile a key phrase list. Brainstormrepparttar 147532 phrases you feel are important to your business and also make sure you go throughrepparttar 147533 existing pages or your web site and add torepparttar 147534 list any phrases that appear naturally withinrepparttar 147535 copy. With list in hand, it's time for some heavy-duty keyword research. You can use a free suggestion tool such as those provided by Overture or Google or pay for time limited access to WordTracker.

WordTracker - Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool - Google AdWords -

More often than not, you'll find that phrases that you thought were important are not actually searched for by real people. The key phrase suggestion tools above will give you alternate suggestions to test.

You will now be armed with a list of actually searched for, highly targeted, relevant keyword phrases. Weed out any irrelevant phrases fromrepparttar 147536 list and rankrepparttar 147537 relevant ones in order of importance for your business. Then decide which 2 or 3 phrases to focus on withinrepparttar 147538 copy of each page ofrepparttar 147539 web site. The home page ofrepparttar 147540 site should usually focus onrepparttar 147541 main 2 or 3 phrases that encompassrepparttar 147542 general theme ofrepparttar 147543 site. Inner pages should each focus on 2 or 3 more specific phrases. If your pages already have some text copy to work with, take a look atrepparttar 147544 existing words on each page and see which 2 or 3 keyword phrases in your short list will fit best withrepparttar 147545 current copy. If pages ofrepparttar 147546 site don't have much copy to begin with, or if there is no specific focus on any given page, a rewrite from scratch will be necessary.

Writerepparttar 147547 Text Copy. Now it's time to get down torepparttar 147548 nitty-gritty of writingrepparttar 147549 text copy for your pages. If you're starting from scratch, be sure you keep in mind which phrases need to be used, whatrepparttar 147550 goals ofrepparttar 147551 site are, and whorepparttar 147552 target market is as this information will affect how you writerepparttar 147553 copy. If you're lucky enough to have some existing copy,repparttar 147554 next step will be to work inrepparttar 147555 necessary keywords whilst maintainingrepparttar 147556 flow and rhythm ofrepparttar 147557 text. Once your copy is finished you should have a number of pages focusing on 2 or 3 key phrases each. Editrepparttar 147558 HTML Code. Optimisingrepparttar 147559 HTML code includes creating Title tags, Meta description tags, Meta keyword tags, hyperlinks, and possibly headings and image alt attributes. All of these are factors in helpingrepparttar 147560 search engine spiders to properly classify your site, with some being more important than others. There is too much detail to go into in this newsletter but more information can be found in our DIY Internet Marketing Guide “Start atrepparttar 147561 Beginning” Click here for an excerpt: Upload and Submit Once you have completed allrepparttar 147562 steps above upload your new pages to your server and if this is a new web site, submit them torepparttar 147563 search engines. If you are updating an old site that is listed (all-be-it badly) inrepparttar 147564 search engines, it is not necessary to resubmit it.

Also don’t forget to perform your directory submissions or directory change requests. Make sure you submit to directories only when your web site is complete as this aidsrepparttar 147565 directory editor categorise your site more easily, and they'll be less likely to edit your submitted description. Link Building. Now it is time to begin your link-building campaign in earnest. Link building can be started in a quick burst, but should also be an ongoing process. You should always be onrepparttar 147566 lookout for sites that are a good fit with yours and contact them about exchanging links. For more info on link popularity and its effect on search engine rankings, please read our guide “Start atrepparttar 147567 Beginning” Click here for an excerpt: Wait and See. All that’s left to do now is wait for your organic listings to begin listing. If you've paid for inclusion withrepparttar 147568 search engines and directories that offer this service, you should start to see results within two weeks. Ifrepparttar 147569 initial rankings aren't as high as you'd like them to be, don’t panic. Concentrate on your link building and your efforts will be rewarded over time. Try not to make any major changes torepparttar 147570 web site its-self for at least 3 to 6 months.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for all those free, targeted, highly motivated customers!

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