Articles, Articles, Articles!

Written by Chuck McCullough

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Then again maybe you have no problems writing articles but instead don't feel they are worthrepparttar time and effort required.

Writing articles is VERY MUCH worthrepparttar 125247 effort! Here are just a few ways:

More content for your website

Keyword rich content to feedrepparttar 125248 search engines

When someone else publishes your article on their site or in their newsletter you get more traffic, more exposure for you and your site, and more links to your website

And once you put together an article you can benefit from it for many months to come. I get email asking permission to reprint articles that I wrote over a year ago!

The information is still just as relevant now as it was back then, butrepparttar 125249 point is thatrepparttar 125250 minimal effort I put into it is rewarding me over a year later.

How many banner ad campaigns can promise that?

Also, many people don't realize that you can even benefit from posting other author's articles on your site.

I'm not saying pretend they are yours, that will get you in trouble. What I mean is that you can pick up additional search engine traffic because their articles will have keywords in them. Add some good meta tags torepparttar 125251 pages and submit away.

I have a couple of articles on my site written by various authors that happen to rank very well for certain keywords.

Sincerepparttar 125252 articles are related to my site content, this is free targeted traffic, and I didn't even have to go throughrepparttar 125253 effort of writingrepparttar 125254 articles.

So get over your fears, get prepared for writer's cramp, and dive into one ofrepparttar 125255 greatest traffic generators for 2001!

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10 Reasons For Exchanging Links

Written by Chris Bate

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8) PERMANENT LINK With a link exchange you get a link on a website related to yours that won't expire. Unlike search engines or FFA links pages, your link can't expire or be pushed offrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 125246 list and so no re-submission is neccessary. The only time your link could become inactive is ifrepparttar 125247 webmaster decides to delete your link, in which case you can delete theirs.

9) CUSTOMISABLE You should be able to submit your website title and a short description forrepparttar 125248 exchange. Obviously it is down torepparttar 125249 webmaster who you are exchanging links with to decide exactly what is written, but if you are not happy it should be negotiable - remember you haverepparttar 125250 bargaining power of placing a customised link for them on your site. If your link is being placed in a resource directory you could also be able to choose an appropriate category for your link to be placed in.

10) FAIR SWAP A link exchange should be a fair swap. Don't try to take advantage of a webmaster in a link exchange and vice versa. For example, if your link is going to have a description, then put a description forrepparttar 125251 reciprocal link. If you place a websites link on your main page, then expect your link on their main page (this may not berepparttar 125252 case, however, if your website receives significantly less traffic thanrepparttar 125253 one you are linking to - be careful and be honest!)

SUMMARY Link exchanging is a free way to quickly receive targeted traffic, whilst building your link popularity and adding extra resources to your website. You should receive a permanent, customised link, in exchange forrepparttar 125254 same on your site. In exchanging links you may meet other webmasters who run websites similar to yours who you may partner with later on for ad swaps etc. This is a great way to help yourself whilst helping others atrepparttar 125255 same time.

You can exchange links with by visiting

Chris Bate is the webmaster of Find all the free resources you need to build, maintain and promote a website, earn money from it, find MP3s, software, earn beenz, enter competitions and more...

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