Article Writing Errors

Written by Richard Lowe

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Not using query letters - If you really want to get your articles published, you need to be sending out dozens of query letters every single day. How is this done? Simply pick up your most recent copy of Writer's Market, pick a magazine or other publisher, think of an idea they might be interested in, and write a letter pitching that idea torepparttar magazine (or other) editor. Be sure to followrepparttar 129383 guidelines given byrepparttar 129384 magazine (you can get this from Writer's Market, onrepparttar 129385 web or by sending a request torepparttar 129386 publication). You may only get one bite out of a hundred, but if you don't ask you won't get any at all.

Why use query letters instead of writing articles? Writing an article can take a significant amount of time. It's wise to find an editor who is at least marginally interested before takingrepparttar 129387 time to write a full article. Query letters must be written fast and often to be effective.

Writing in someone else's style - You are a unique individual with your own talents, faults, goals, objectives, abilities and characteristics. You also have your own unique writing style. Be yourself when you write; if you are someone else (and you write like someone else) you will never makerepparttar 129388 big times. This does not mean you shouldn't experiment with different writing styles; it means you should make each style your own as you write.

Asking other writers for advice - This is fine if you are taking a class taught by a writer. In most other instances, unlessrepparttar 129389 writer is a good friend, you have to understand that other writers are competitors. Unless they are very ethical, it's very likely they may be trying to discourage you or move you away from their own preferred market.

Keeping poor records - Create a record-keeping system and stick to it. There is little more embarrassing (or time- wasting) than sending outrepparttar 129390 same article twice (or more) to repparttar 129391 same editor who rejected itrepparttar 129392 first time.

Not treating writing as a business - Keep good records of expenses and income, and treat it all as important and vital. You have to pay taxes and you may need to account for any money. Also, expenses (and even your home office) are often write-offs on taxes.

Not checking facts and doing proper research - Getting a fact wrong now and again won't kill you, but it does effect your credibility. Get major facts wrong too often, and you may find that you cannot sell anything anymore.

Not handling copyright infringement - If someone steals your work without compensation, handle it fast and efficiently. Talk nicely, then not so nicely, then call inrepparttar 129393 lawyers. You ownrepparttar 129394 copyright, so enforce it.

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The Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Techniqu

Written by Grady Smith

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It’s designed to peak your interest. After readingrepparttar name of this technique, you might wonder what’s so strange about it? Why is it calledrepparttar 129381 “Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Technique”? And whatrepparttar 129382 heck does cold stuff have to do with creating headlines?

Questions like this create a need for answers. And if you can raise questions in your headlines that propel people to look for answers, then you’re going to get them intorepparttar 129383 body of your copy.

So, let’s takerepparttar 129384 headline I wrote earlier. And let’s add a little punch torepparttar 129385 headline so it creates some curiosity.

“How A Complete Failure In Business Started A Million Dollar Internet Business On $57 Using This Super Strange Technique He Learned From A Cereal Box, And How You Can Use Exactly What He Does To Make YOUR Millions Too”.

Does that create interest for you? If so, why?

Chances are good most would read this headline and wonder what’s so strange and how someone could start a business with a technique on a cereal box, which nearly everyone gets their breakfast out of, and most of us read while we eat.

And that’srepparttar 129386 power behind it. People want to read on to discoverrepparttar 129387 whole story. They feel an irresistible urge to get torepparttar 129388 bottom of it fueled by hundreds of thoughts that they need immediate answers too.

Does it work? Like a charm. Butrepparttar 129389 best way to see it is to actually put it into action for yourself and gagerepparttar 129390 results against your existing headlines. Believe me,repparttar 129391 10 minutes you’ll spend creating intriguing headlines will be well worthrepparttar 129392 investment.

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