Article Writing: SEO, Expert Authors and the Dumbification of the Internet

Written by Dina Giolitto,

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So: how does this impact information researchers, authors, andrepparttar quality of content onrepparttar 142174 internet? The diligent web hunter should choose his web search words wisely. Andrepparttar 142175 author who wants to leverage SEO with keywords, should also fortify his articles with real and valuable information- including specialized terminology. In doing so, perhaps we have a shot at keepingrepparttar 142176 internet's article content informative, relevant, and valuable torepparttar 142177 reader.

Authors, Do Your Part forrepparttar 142178 Future of Internet Communication

Are you an author with real expertise, who's feeling 'elbowed out' by folks who use tawdry keyword manipulation tactics to attract attention onrepparttar 142179 web? Don't worry about those people, and don't give up! The dumbification ofrepparttar 142180 internet does not have to be, if we don't let it happen. Just keep on writing, and do itrepparttar 142181 smart way- that will both attract visitors through search engine optimization, and provide your readers with real, valuable information they can learn from and use. Include keywords, include specialized knowledge, include it all. Get it out there, get writing, and don't lose sight of your goals!

At times, you may find yourself swept away onrepparttar 142182 intoxicating wave of high-speed communication. Seem so easy to just start hammering out any old shpiel about this or that, throw in some popular keywords, call it an article, spread your name around and convince people you're an expert. Right?

Wrong. Authors, don't get sucked in by allrepparttar 142183 hype and sensationalism onrepparttar 142184 internet. Never skimp on quality for quantity andrepparttar 142185 hope of instant fame... because if you do, you'll flare up and be snuffed out in a millisecond. It takes years to build your reputation as an expert, and rightly so. Prestige must be earned, can't be bought, and won't ever be yours if you take shortcuts. If you really want to brand yourself as an expert in your field, keeping working, keep learning and keep growing. Your success will come in due time.

If you listen to those who believe inrepparttar 142186 Laws Of Attraction as applied to internet business, they'd probably say "People with higher aspirations and creative solutions will find each other." Let's hope they're right.

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Freelance copywriters on the Internet: How to tell the difference between heaven-sent and hack

Written by Adam Barone

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2.If you want quality, steer clear of “bidding” sites. There’s too many of them already, and more seem to be popping up allrepparttar time. The online auction is a great concept for your old fishing equipment or clunker on cinder blocks, but not for a good freelance copywriter, designer, photographer or any other “creative service” professional. Sites like, and their many cousins allow service providers to whore themselves out for projects in a reverse auction whererepparttar 142035 lowest bid wins. Unfortunately, there really is no winner. The freelance copywriter (or whoever) gets a fraction ofrepparttar 142036 fair market value for their work andrepparttar 142037 client, unless they’re extremely lucky, will be stuck with a student, green amateur or someone who might not even speak English well—to say nothing aboutrepparttar 142038 copy they’ll write.

3.Seek out freelance copywriters with online portfolios. Find freelance copywriters who have some kind of online portfolio. Go through it in detail. Try to get an idea ofrepparttar 142039 communications problemrepparttar 142040 freelance copywriter had to solve and get a grasp onrepparttar 142041 talent and thinking that went into creatingrepparttar 142042 finished copy. Then ask yourself, “If I was inrepparttar 142043 market for something like this, would this make me more interested in learning about this product or want to buy it?” The work of a good copywriter will be obvious.

4.Judge byrepparttar 142044 work, notrepparttar 142045 product. You may have a great new product that everyone’s going to want, or an old product that everyone already has, but with a new feature or something. Now, your first instinct in finding someone who’s going to write copy to sell this product is to find someone who, if you’re selling underwater titanium door hinges, has written copy for underwater steel or plastic door hinges. Yes, too many marketers think if a freelance copywriter has only written for X and not Y, that they can’t write for Y. This kind of thinking is misguided. Again, go back to No. 3 and look atrepparttar 142046 portfolio. Gaugerepparttar 142047 talent. If they did a great job communicating something about X, you can bet they’ll be able to dorepparttar 142048 same for Y. A freelance copywriter isn’t defined byrepparttar 142049 product. He is defined by how he writes about that product.

These guidelines, along with a little “buyer beware” mentality, will help you wieldrepparttar 142050 Internet asrepparttar 142051 powerful information tool it’s purported to be. You will find a good freelance copywriter.

Adam Barone is a freelance copywriter from the Boston area, who writes copy for such clients as The Timberland Company, Bank One, TJ Maxx, and other clients and ad agencies. Visit him at Subscribe his e-newsletter, CopyTHINK at ©Adam Barone 2005. All rights reserved. Online-only reprint rights granted as long as the article is published in its entirety, including links.

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