Article Writing: How to Sound Like the Expert You Are

Written by Dina Giolitto

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4. Check your facts. If your article shows promise, someone may very well come along and want to use it in their own marketing presentation. You may be quoted, and your name passed on as an expert in your field. If you intend to be an expert, then take care to back your arguments with solid evidence. There's nothing worse than seeing your article plastered all overrepparttar internet only to learn later that it containedrepparttar 137005 wrong information.

5. Include examples. Here's an example of how to include an example. Let's say you're writing about a weight-loss program. You've already told your reader that countless people have benefited tremendously while onrepparttar 137006 program. Now create a powerful image ofrepparttar 137007 program with three short success stories from real people with real-live testimonials. Examples driverepparttar 137008 point home and build your reputation as an expert!

6. Don't be a rambler. We talked about authors who don't provide enough detail within their articles. An opposite but equally novice offense is to include too much detail! Don't be tempted to go off on tangents that don't relate torepparttar 137009 main idea. When developing your paragraphs and points of interest, followrepparttar 137010 Goldilocks rule: not too long, not too short, but just right. If you feel like taking a portion of your article and going on for pages about it, great! Just be sure to do it in a different article.

7. Proofread. An expert article author always submits flawless work. Always, always, always proofread your writing before you hit Submit. All ofrepparttar 137011 major word processing programs offer spellcheck, so there's no excuse not to use it. Also keep in mind that spellcheck won't always catchrepparttar 137012 error. For example, if you type 'thing' instead of 'think,' your computer will accept 'thing' as a valid word and your mistake will go undetected. So proofread thoroughly with your own two eyes, and be sure that your article is 100% error-free.

Follow these helpful guidelines, and masterrepparttar 137013 art of perfect article-writing! Submit your articles onrepparttar 137014 web, and get free exposure for your website while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

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Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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3. Now, one more excellent way to get website content is through free article distribution websites and mailing lists. You can literally get thousands upon thousands of articles completely free this way. There's a couple of catches to this method though... First: You have to keeprepparttar author's name onrepparttar 134942 article. You're not allowed to change or editrepparttar 134943 article. Usually you're not even allowed to link to one of your websites, pages or affiliate programs from withinrepparttar 134944 article either. Then you have to includerepparttar 134945 "bio box" atrepparttar 134946 end ofrepparttar 134947 article. This - byrepparttar 134948 way - tends to be an advertisement of some sort. And last but not least: You have to link torepparttar 134949 author's website. And in many cases, you have to link to several ofrepparttar 134950 author's websites.

Oh yeah... one more thing about these free articles: Since they're free - tens of thousands of other websites use them too!

Putting quality content on your website will help bring in relevant, targeted traffic. And that usually brings in more clicks... and more sales. Hopefullyrepparttar 134951 above brief comparison helps you understandrepparttar 134952 different ways to get content for your site. Study them fully, and choose which one works best for you, your site needs, and your budget.

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