Article – Hurried Women Syndrome

Written by Claire Chapman

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3.Manage your energy levels. This is a crucial one – often we feel most pressurized and stressed atrepparttar times we can least afford it – I know that I do! Help yourself in this by doing all you can to effectively manage your energy. This can include making sure that you are gettingrepparttar 136815 right food to keep you energized all day, getting regular breaks, sleeping well & understanding your natural pattern & working with it rather than against it.

4.Take some time for yourself to smellrepparttar 136816 roses in life. As you are getting used to not being a hurried woman, this may be difficult for you, so start small if this helps you here –repparttar 136817 importance is getting some regular time in your life to recognizerepparttar 136818 small, andrepparttar 136819 large things, that make life important for you. Do you know what these are? It could be a walk aroundrepparttar 136820 block, a relaxing bath with someone else looking afterrepparttar 136821 kids, or a night out at salsa dancing!

5.Connect with someone important for you. Sharing your concerns with someone close to you & taking time to connect can help you as you build that relationship of connection with them, & also as they say, a “trouble shared is a trouble halved”! Userepparttar 136822 resources that you have close to you to balance out your life effectively, and getrepparttar 136823 support that you need to make sure that it remains there. Who do you need around you to make that happen?

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Written by Beverley Brooke

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- Exercise can help promote a smaller amount of fat gain during pregnancy.

- Exercise provides an exceptional form of stress relief.

- Women who exercising during pregnancy are less likely to experience difficult labors.

- Women who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster and recover more quickly after delivery.

There are some forms of activity that are better than others during pregnancy. Certain exercises can help promote physical fitness and are less likely to result in injury. Amongrepparttar best exercises for pregnant moms include:

- Walking

- Swimming

- Stretching

- Yoga

- Pilates

- Dancing

- Stationary Cycling

- Low Impact Prenatal Aerobics

Article by Beverley Brooke, author of "Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy For You And Your Baby And Lose Weight After Pregnancy" - visit for more on a range of pregnancy health issues

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