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Artichokes can also stainrepparttar hands quite badly so it is recommended that rubber gloves be worn for cleaning and chopping.

Artichokes can be boiled, steamed, microwaved or sautéed. They can be eaten whole or added to other dishes.

Cooked artichokes may be refrigerated for several days in a covered container.

Microwave: cook 6 to 8 minutes or until a petal nearrepparttar 149648 center pulls out easily.

Boiling: Stand artichokes in a large pan with 3 quarts boiling water. Cover and boil gently 20 to 40 minutes according to size, or untilrepparttar 149649 petal nearrepparttar 149650 center pulls out easily.

Small artichokes are good for pickling, stews, casseroles; medium size are good for salads and large size are good for stuffing.

To eat, pull off leaves and eatrepparttar 149651 fleshy ends attached torepparttar 149652 plant. Lift outrepparttar 149653 cone and cut outrepparttar 149654 core, which isrepparttar 149655 fuzzy portion atrepparttar 149656 center. The heart is a true delicacy and will break easily with a fork. General

Diprepparttar 149657 leaves in lemon juice or tryrepparttar 149658 low-fat dipping sauce inrepparttar 149659 recipe section. Enjoy a healthy, tart treat-sprinkle lemon, lime and orange juices over steamed leaves. Add artichoke hearts to your favorite pasta dish or salad. Make your vegetable soup unique by adding artichoke hearts. Try serving and/or stuffing artichokes for a different appetizer.

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Gourmet Sauces, Rubs and Marinades - Give Your BBQ a Gourmet Kick

Written by Gene Grohan

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Marinades are seasonings which contain acidic ingredients such as vinegar, wine and citrus juice and are used to tenderizerepparttar meat. Marinades can be a combination of herbs, spices and vegetables and are used to add flavor torepparttar 149614 dish. When you soakrepparttar 149615 meat intorepparttar 149616 marinade,repparttar 149617 meat absorbsrepparttar 149618 ingredients andrepparttar 149619 result is a more flavorful and tender dish. The meat must soak inrepparttar 149620 marinade for a good part ofrepparttar 149621 day or even overnight to ensure it has enough time to absorb its maximum capacity. Make sure you readrepparttar 149622 directions prior to marinating because some foods (like shrimp and fish) can become mushy and soggy if they are left in too long.

Regardless of which form of seasoning you choose, rubs, sauces and marinades add flavor and tenderness to all forms of meat. So give your BBQ a gourmet kick and add a gourmet BBQ sauce, rub or marinade to your next barbecue.

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