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A long-term effects study was done with glucosamine and arthritis reported inrepparttar Lancet.repparttar 146954 authors concluded that, "Glucosamine sulfate preventsrepparttar 146955 progression of osteoarthritis ofrepparttar 146956 knee, in addition to relievingrepparttar 146957 symptoms." The health supplements carry by StarHerb for Arthritic and Joint Pain not only contain all of these nutrients; it utilizesrepparttar 146958 exact forms that were shown inrepparttar 146959 studies to be effective. The forms which arerepparttar 146960 best to look for are:

Glucosamine Sulfate 2Kcl which isrepparttar 146961 exact form used in most ofrepparttar 146962 studies showing benefit.

It is hard to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies or even money without your health and joint pain is definitely one ofrepparttar 146963 big contributing factors to a poor quality of life. StarHerb Health Nutrition products formula brings these great joint nutrients to nutritionally supportrepparttar 146964 body along with 100% of your daily needs ofrepparttar 146965 essential nutrients all in one formula.

Keeping Well When Monsoon Dwells

Written by Dr.SavithaSuri

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Ayurvedic Home remedies for Monsoon diseases 1.Apply castor oil or sesame oil for cracked feet and skin. 2.A freshly prepared paste of turmeric, neem and sesame seeds is recommended in ayurveda for fungal infection between toes. 3.Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a tea spoon of honey in empty stomach. This flushes out accumulated toxins. 4.Freshly prepared radish juice isrepparttar best remedy for cold. 5.A pinch each of long pepper powder and rock salt mixed in warm water reduces cough 6.The following home recipes can be used as home remedies for digestive disorders of monsoon

In Indigestion Ingredients: Rice-1/2 cup Water -4 cups Long pepper- 2or 3 Ginger -1'' Method of preparation: Cook rice with recommended quantity of water with crushed ginger and salt. Powder long pepper and fry it in a spoon of cow's ghee and add it to gruel. Consume this when it hot. This is very light to digest and relieves colic pain.

In Diarrhea Ingredients: Rice -1/2 cup Water - 4 cups Ginger paste - 1/2 spoon Salt to taste Pomegranate juice: cup Method of preparation 1.Cook rice with recommended quantity of water with ginger paste and salt 2.Add pomegranate juice whenrepparttar 146841 gruel is warm. This gruel rehydrates body and supply energy . This soothes inflamed walls of intestine and controls bowel movements.

In flatulence Ingredients: cup of rice 4 cups of water Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - powder-1/2 spoon Roots of pippali or long pepper Ginger paste -1/2 spoon salt to taste Method of preparation Cook Rice, haritaki powder , roots of pippali and water together. Add salt to it.Consume this when it is warm. This relieves flatulence and regularizesrepparttar 146842 bowel movement

Thus precautions coupled with care really help you to enjoy monsoon. Have a healthy and safe monsoon.


Dr.SavithaSuri has been an Ayurvedic Practitioner since 1989. After getting a graduation degree in ayurveda in 1988 from University of Mysore, India, she started practising ayurveda . Her articles about ayurveda have been published in news papers and websites. She is a regular health columnist to a regional news paper.

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