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Book Promotion Myth -- The Best Place to Sell Books is a Book Store

Written by Judy Cullins

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DID YOU KNOW? *Seventy percent of US adults haven't been in a bookstore forrepparttar last 5 years *Bookstores sell only 45% of all books sold *Bookstores return non-sold books torepparttar 129727 author-think ofrepparttar 129728 Starbucks people dripping their coffee and scone on your book. The author will get those returns. *Bookstores will take 90 days, even a year to pay you for your total book sales *Bookstores only order two or three copies at a time because of limited shelf space *Bookstores buy only from a distributor or wholesaler.

Whyrepparttar 129729 big push to get a wholesale or distributor and get into repparttar 129730 bookstore? These people represent so many other authors; don't you wonder how much attention your book will receive? They exact healthy fees, around 55%. That leaves a small profit forrepparttar 129731 author, and remember, bookstores, distributors and wholesalers don't promote your book!

After her distributor went belly up and she lost $160,000, one author said she would rather have more control over her priceless products. She distributes them all herself now through various venues that suit her personality.

Authors spend a lot of time and money chasingrepparttar 129732 improbable, whenrepparttar 129733 "golden egg" of self-publishing and self-promotion is right in front of them. In my opinion, I'd sell my books everywhere exceptrepparttar 129734 bookstore!

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