Art From an Unlikely Artist

Written by Andrea Campbell

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Amanda’s art debuted torepparttar public atrepparttar 127719 zoo’s Primate Exhibit building last February. The opening exhibition produced over 400 people who came to bid on 22 of Amanda’s framed originals. The auction raised about $4,800 forrepparttar 127720 zoo. A piece of Amanda’s art entitled: "Likerepparttar 127721 Weather" took a hefty price, $360. And even though Amanda shares her cage with three other orangutans, she is, apparently,repparttar 127722 only latent artist with drive and talent.

She is also not shy about demonstrating her skills to onlookers and likesrepparttar 127723 attention she gets as a result. Zoo spokeswoman Jennifer Lauerman says, "She definitely knows what is going on." And even though Amandarepparttar 127724 orangutan artist doesn’t getrepparttar 127725 luxury of spending her funds, she would probably buy more bananas anyway.

Other animals too, have been taught to paint at various zoos aroundrepparttar 127726 country. Ruby,repparttar 127727 elephant, has sold paintings forrepparttar 127728 Phoenix Zoo and one of her creations netted almost $3,000. The Marine Science Center in Clearwater, Florida, has shown some dolphin art and in 1992, one ofrepparttar 127729 originals went for as much as $175. * * Ziggy, our soon-to-be twelve year old capuchin monkey loves artwork too, only she does not paint. I tried to introduce her to watercolor paints several times, but there was something aboutrepparttar 127730 brushes she could not get over. As a consequence, her favorite medium is chalk, with crayons taking a close second. She often decoratesrepparttar 127731 sides of her cage, her toys, and a large, wooden hanging monkey with bright colors. In fact, I find chalk marks on almost any flat surface, including paper and unrequested mail.

If you would like to introduce your monkey to art, let them observe your actions more than a few times, supply non-toxic products, and as unobtrusively as possible, monitor their progress. For a reward, since boxed mixed drinks contain too much sugar, think about rewarding your budding artist with a tablespoon of low fat, low sugar yogurt inrepparttar 127732 lid or offer a couple of Jello cubes.

Andrea Campbell isrepparttar 127733 author of Bringing Up Ziggy: What Raising a Helping Hands Monkey Taught Me About Love, Commitment, and Sacrifice . See Andrea and Ziggy at their website at


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Exploring the Universe with Dr. Norio Kaifu

Written by Gayle Olson

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What willrepparttar new telescope discover? Astronomer’s will be usingrepparttar 127718 telescope to studyrepparttar 127719 history of our galaxy and answer questions as to how life was created inrepparttar 127720 universe. New planets may be discovered, possibly including planets which support life. They will be looking as far as possible into deep space and looking back in time. Light fromrepparttar 127721 most distant objects have been travelling for billions of years, they may even be able to catch sight ofrepparttar 127722 end ofrepparttar 127723 universe. The Subaru will be beneficial torepparttar 127724 science of astronomy as all data will be shared with astronomers worldwide. The economic spinoffs and technology have greatly enhancedrepparttar 127725 Island of Hawaii.

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