Arrest Your Time Robbers!

Written by Marty Foley

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2) Keep and use a prioritized to-do list.

Always tacklerepparttar high-priority tasks first, and work on low-priority ones as time allows.

3) Exercise self-discipline.

If you can stay focused on your most important priorities, you'll see greater results from your time and effort.

4) Automate where possible.

With e-mail, use time-saving tools such as autoresponders and filters.

5) Periodically analyze your business.

Assess which activities work and which ones you should eliminate.


When you have many things to do, and too little time in which to do them, you must focus on what's most important. It's good to periodically analyze your priorities and goals, and make necessary adjustments to stay on track. After all, there's only one you, and only so many hours in each day.


If you want to get maximum benefit fromrepparttar 117924 limited time you have to accomplish things in your online business, or any other area of life, you must manage your time well. When you do, you'll achieve more, and you'll look back on your work withrepparttar 117925 satisfaction of knowing that you gotrepparttar 117926 most important things done, instead of looking back with regret.

As Benjamin Franklin said long ago: "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that'srepparttar 117927 stuff life is made of."


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How To Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Written by Liz Folger

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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful VA?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you think about starting your own virtual assistant business:

· Do you have excellent typing and proofing skills? · Do you enjoy helping people? · Are you familiar withrepparttar Internet and enjoy learning new things about it? · Do you already know several people who could utilize your services? · Are you capable of making a great income and will stop at nothing to make it happen?


Diana and Kelly explain, “Every virtual assistant has their own unique skills and experience that enables them to start their business. The right skills are those that you have perfected and can perform well. As you further develop your skills, you can expand your service offering.

Skills range fromrepparttar 117923 basics such as typing to highly specialized areas like web design, graphic arts, technical writing, and more. A professional VA will be proficient inrepparttar 117924 Internet, computers, software, word processing and spreadsheet applications, etc. In addition torepparttar 117925 technical skills, a professional VA will have good business management skills as well as knowledge of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Business management skills not only help you in operating your own business, but allows you to aid your clients in running theirs.

VAs must be motivated. You can’t get discouraged when you experience minor set-backs. Start fresh each day. Ifrepparttar 117926 phone didn't ring yesterday, make it ring today. Failure is not an option. You need to know that you're going to make it and will stop at nothing short.”

How Much Can You Make?

“Our research shows most pricing is centered around a base price of $25 per hour. However,repparttar 117927 rate does depend onrepparttar 117928 services you provide and also how long you’ve been in business. Another consideration isrepparttar 117929 area in which you live. In some areas you will receive more than in others. For example, in south Florida you can charge a better rate in Miami, than say a smaller town like Pompano Beach.

There are different ways in which you can charge for services. Byrepparttar 117930 hour, byrepparttar 117931 project, byrepparttar 117932 page, or for something like event planning you could charge a certain percentage ofrepparttar 117933 total event cost. Many VAs offer reduced rates for a monthly retainer option. With a monthly retainer your client commits to a certain number of hours per month at a predetermined rate. If you work less thanrepparttar 117934 committed number of hours you are still paidrepparttar 117935 same. If you work overrepparttar 117936 committed number of hours then you would billrepparttar 117937 client forrepparttar 117938 additional hours at that same rate or whatever is agreed upon,” says Diana and Kelly.

For More Information On How You Can Become A Virtual Assistant

You can purchase Diana and Kelly’s ebook, A Bizy’s Guide: How To Start Your Own Home-Based Virtual Assistant’s Business at:!0103

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