Armor2net Personal Firewall

Written by David Williams

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Armor2net Personal Firewall has an easy-to-use interface and is very intuitive. Unlike most of its competitors, Armor2net is truly ďintelligentĒ firewall software that allows many of its functions to be automatically processed. The application is perfectly suited for home and office, for new users and those with great experience.

System requirements: Armor2net Personal Firewall will run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, and Windows XP. It requires 32MB of RAM and 20MB of free hard disk space.

Availability: Armor2net Personal Firewall is available for $19.99 fromrepparttar Armor2net Web site at

For more information on Armor2net Personal Firewall or other products from Armor2net, contact Armor2net at (+1)775-321-9608, customer@armor2net or visitrepparttar 132010 companyís Web site at


Security in Today's World

Written by Paul Bliss

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Withrepparttar advances of technology, monthly fees for home security monitoring are reasonable forrepparttar 132009 service they provide. Be warned: not all monitoring companies haverepparttar 132010 same capabilities when it comes to quick response. Thatís one reason why itís a good idea to make sure that any security company you choose has a UL certification. This can be critical as it indicates thatrepparttar 132011 security company has met stringent standards for management system compliance (such as a back up source of power). The same methodology should apply for a security software provider. Just because they say theyírerepparttar 132012 best, doesnít mean that they are. Due diligence isrepparttar 132013 userís responsibility. Your information is too valuable to be taken lightly.

Both home security and cyber security are similar to having insurance. You have it, but you hope you never need it. And if you do need it, you want a company or vendor that has a history of excellent customer service.

There are those people who think that having a firearm is all they need for protection. While that may hold true in some form, a firearm wonít let you know if someone is trying to enter your home throughrepparttar 132014 back door while you are sleeping and notify you orrepparttar 132015 authorities. Another common perception is that a watchdog will alert a homeowner to intrusion, but again, manís best friend sleeps 10 to 12 hours a day and canít notifyrepparttar 132016 police.

There are some computer users who claim that they can detect a virus byrepparttar 132017 email that is sent with some obvious taglines meant forrepparttar 132018 user to open and infectrepparttar 132019 machine. Not all viruses are in emails, although that isrepparttar 132020 most common form. They can also be uploaded to a website, or embedded in Java Applets or Active X controls.

Trojans, which can log all ofrepparttar 132021 users keystrokes and sites visited, are secretly downloaded inrepparttar 132022 form of free games or free software, and are undetectable by anti-virus software. This isrepparttar 132023 preferred method of attack by a hacker on a machine. By not alteringrepparttar 132024 performance of a machine (like a virus or worm does),repparttar 132025 user blissfully continues to use their machine to make online purchases, and enter sensitive information, thinking they are secure, whilerepparttar 132026 Trojan secretly records all ofrepparttar 132027 information and will simply send all ofrepparttar 132028 userís information at designated intervals torepparttar 132029 hacker.

Many times a decision about security measures for your home or computer is based on budgetary constraints. But always consider what it is that you are protecting and how much you would pay to get back whatever was stolen, lost or destroyed if an unfortunate event occurred in your life.

Paul has been involved in network security for over 4 years and is still looking for answers!

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