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Written by Terry Dashner

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And then there isrepparttar A Priori Proofs (proving God’s existence by internal things—innate knowing that God exists). Some have said that God’s existence is an innate idea. Augustine and Calvin taught this. Augustine said that God is continuously putting pressure on man. Man’s sense of finitude is a way in which God impresses Himself upon man. But then again,repparttar 137768 British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704), vigorously attackedrepparttar 137769 notion of man having any kind or innate, a priori knowledge (Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1690). Time does not afford merepparttar 137770 opportunity to listrepparttar 137771 other internal proofs of God’s existence. But take my word for it. For every one stated positively, there is also a thunderous refutation.

Now let me tell you what I think about this. I think we are missingrepparttar 137772 boat when we focus on provingrepparttar 137773 existence of God by human intellect alone. I thinkrepparttar 137774 argument should change directions. I think Professor Ramm states it well. He writes, “The whole weight ofrepparttar 137775 Biblical view of God is in another direction. Scripture is not a record of how man finds God but how God finds man. The point of departure in Scripture is not how man infers or proves that God exists by either a logically organized proof or an unusual experience but that it is God who breaks into man and lets Himself be known” (Bernard L. Ramm, page 101). Hence,repparttar 137776 key expression in Holy Scripture would not be proof ofrepparttar 137777 existence of God butrepparttar 137778 true knowledge of God orrepparttar 137779 reality of God. The Bible doesn’t waste time trying to prove God’s existence through logic but declares His existence inrepparttar 137780 opening verse—“Inrepparttar 137781 Beginning God…” From that point onrepparttar 137782 Scriptures demonstraterepparttar 137783 Living God who invades human history and reveals Himself to man. God comes looking for man and notrepparttar 137784 other way around.

I don’t have to wrestle with proving God’s existence. I don’t understand many ofrepparttar 137785 existential arguments anyway. Most of them give me a headache, trying to follow along. But here isrepparttar 137786 good news. God doesn’t expect me with my finite brain to understand His infinite ways. He comes searching for me. He gives me His own Spirit with which to hear His voice and respond by faith. God comes looking for me. God reveals Himself inrepparttar 137787 way He wants to be discovered. He initiatesrepparttar 137788 process. I get to enjoyrepparttar 137789 relationship through Jesus Christ His Son.

It’s simply faith—that’s what God wants from me. He lives. His Life makesrepparttar 137790 difference. I don’t need a “philosophy” of religion when I can have a relationship in Jesus,repparttar 137791 True Vine. How about you? Are you relating and abiding inrepparttar 137792 Vine?

Keeprepparttar 137793 faith. Stayrepparttar 137794 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor T. dash…

Pastors a small church.

More Than A Head...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Moreover,repparttar Holy Spirit isrepparttar 137578 illuminator. The work ofrepparttar 137579 Spirit of God as witness and as persuader is an analogy taken from juridical procedures. But there is another model ofrepparttar 137580 witness ofrepparttar 137581 Spirit which comes from what might be calledrepparttar 137582 realm ofrepparttar 137583 intellectual or of knowledge or of learning. In this modelrepparttar 137584 witness ofrepparttar 137585 Spirit is illumination according to Bernard L. Ramm, author ofrepparttar 137586 book entitled, A Christian Appeal to Reason (Word Books Publisher 1972). Illumination is seeingrepparttar 137587 truth of God asrepparttar 137588 truth of God. It does not necessarily mean new information. A person may know allrepparttar 137589 facts and still overlook God.

Those who are of a pure heart will see God, according to Matthew 5:8. This means thatrepparttar 137590 vision of God is possible only on spiritual grounds, not rational or philosophical grounds. Illumination is then something that happens with saving faith in which there is forgiveness of sins which is in turnrepparttar 137591 purification ofrepparttar 137592 heart. Thenrepparttar 137593 sinner sees God. Seeing is a visual term, an intuitional term. It means a direct grasp or apprehension of something in contrast to knowing something through logical processes such as induction or deduction (Ramm, page 42).

Think about this. When you reachrepparttar 137594 limits of your understanding, don’t stop. Kick in faith. Ask God to help you believe. The Holy Spirit is glad to witness torepparttar 137595 saving grace ofrepparttar 137596 Father through Jesus Christrepparttar 137597 Son. He is overjoyed to persuade you of this truth. He will help you see God where others see only doubt and confusion. The Spirit of God is not a Ghost who scaresrepparttar 137598 believer. He is Spirit. Andrepparttar 137599 Bible says that those who worship God must worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

Keeprepparttar 137600 faith. Stayrepparttar 137601 course. Jesus is on His way. T.dash…

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

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